CZ 75 Compact vs P01

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The CZ 75 Compact and the P01 are both based on the CZ 75 design. Therefore, you might be here because you want a gun that is similarly close to it. Both guns have their own highlights and I’ll help you decide which one is best for you.

CZ 75 Compact vs P01 General Overview

Although both guns are based on the CZ 75, they were made for tactical use unlike the CZ 75. Both pistols are similarly close to each other when it comes to specifications. So it’s really hard to make a choice when you don’t review them carefully.

Both pistols are double-action. Both are railed for attaching a laser or light. Even though they are compact, they have decent capacity. Let’s take an in-depth look at both guns.

CZ 75 Compact Overview

The CZ 75 is one of the most copied handguns in the world. The CZ 75 was designed by a company named CZ in the Czech Republic. It’s not surprising that the maker itself would make variations of its original model.

The CZ developed the CZ 75 Compact for people who want a smaller CZ 75 for tactical use. The CZ 75 Compact retains its original’s comfort, reliability, and accuracy. It’s a 9mm caliber and has now a version chambered for .40 S&W.

CZ 75 Compact Features

The CZ 75 Compact features:

  • A steel frame.
  • It has a compact build making it easy for concealed carry and tactical use.
  • Although built compact, the weight is on the heavier side. It may not be as lightweight as other pistols like both the PPQ and P10C, however, it doesn’t have that much recoil.

The CZ 75 Compact has a 15 round magazine. It can also hold some CZ 75 14-round magazines. This gun will take any CZ 75 series mags.

You can shoot:

  • 16 rounds
  • 17 rounds
  • 19 rounds
  • even 20-round plus CZ 75 magazines


This gun’s magwell has no bevel so you have to be perfect in reloading in every time. There’s no bevel to save you from a botched reload.


When it comes to grip, the CZ 75 Compact is excellent. It’s extremely comfortable to hold in your hand. The ergonomics feel like a better version of the Browning Hi-Power.

You also have removable grip panels with this gun. You can adjust the size or circumference of the grip by choosing thinner or thicker grips. What’s great about it is that you can choose from a large variety of aftermarket grips.

Overall, the flexibility to vary your grips is a great feature to have with your gun. You can choose the aggressiveness of the grip.


There is a beavertail in the back of the CZ 75 Compact grip. It molds pretty well. The gun feels much thinner even though it is a double-stack firearm. Because of this, it works well for small and large-handed shooters.

P01 Overview

The P01 or also known as the CZ P-01 is also a variant of the CZ 75. You can say that it is an improved version of the original and catered for different use. It’s also made by CZ which explains why both pistols are closely similar.

P01 Features

The P01 has 15-round magazines in non-restrictive states in the U.S.A. in some countries, the magazines have different variations. 

The magazines are made by Mec-Gar. They’re known for making quality mags. They have been the maker of mags for most of the gun-making companies.

The magazines for P01 are a little bit shorter than your standard CZ 75 mags that accept 16 and 17 rounds. However, the P01 will also accept those longer mags so it’s not a problem.


The P01 is identical in size to the Glock 19. That makes the P01 ideal for concealed carry or duty use. Its small size is perfect for concealed carry and at the same time large enough to carry OWB for a law enforcement officer.

The grip on the P01 is also excellent. It features a beavertail that molds really well into your hand. It feels comfortable for people of different hand sizes.


The P01 has replaceable grip panels and doesn’t have removable backstraps. The grip comes with a rubberish semi-hard rubber. It feels almost like plastic with the checkering.

The checkering is effective although they feel cheaper because of the plastic feel. However, they’re definitely better compared to plastic grips.

CZ 75 Compact vs P01

There are some differences and similarities between the CZ 75 Compact and P01. Both are modeled after their predecessor, the CZ 75.

The CZ 75 Compact is a CZ 75 small version. It has a shortened grip and slide/barrel compared to the CZ 75. The P01 has a light rail and aluminum alloy frame. These are just some of the differences these two guns have.

Comparisons of CZ 75 Compact vs P01

I’ll compare both guns in different aspects that are important when buying a gun. This will help you decide which one is best over the other. It won’t technically be the best overall, it’s just which gun fits best for your gun criteria.


SpecificationsCZ 75 CompactP01
Weight with No Mag29.4 ounces25.2 ounces
Weight with Empty Mag32.4 ounces28.2 ounces
Weight with a Full Mag 38.9 ounces34.7 ounces
Height 5.1 inches5.1 inches
Length 7.17 inches7.20 inches
Width of Grip1.37 inches1.4 inches
Width of Slide0.93 inch0.93 inch
Width Across Controls 1.26 inches1.5 inches

Concealed Carry

Both are great for concealed carry. Looking at their length, they are almost the same. It all boils down to the weight of the guns. The CZ 75 Compact weighs more than the P01 with a full mag.

This may seem like it doesn’t matter much. However, it will affect your joints and body in the long run. Hence, the P01 is slightly better for concealed carry only because of its slight weight difference.


The CZ 75 Compact uses a steel frame while the P01 uses an aluminum alloy frame. The P01 has a wider frame at the top portion. However, they’re both identical when it comes to the grip.

Both guns can accept the same grip panel. The P01, you get a rubbery feeling from the grip while the grip panels on the CZ 75 Compact feel like hard plastic. Both offer great traction. However, the CZ 75 compact feels slightly better.

When it comes to texturing they are different. The P01 has vertical lines on both the front and back strap while the CZ 75 Compact does not. The advantage the P01 has can be offset with a good set of aftermarket grips.


Both firearms don’t really have great sights. If you’re looking for a gun with excellent sights, then you’re in the wrong section. However, if you still want one of these two, the CZ 75 Compact has a slight edge.

The CZ 75 Compact has a better sight radius. The sights don’t extend the rear of the slide. It’s not that much of a difference, however,

When to Choose the CZ 75

If you want to be more accurate with your shots, the CZ 75 is the better choice. It has less recoil. It’s heavier than the P01 yet still feels comfortable to hold. You won’t feel any hiccups when firing this gun.

When to Choose the P01

The P01 is your choice if you want a gun for concealed carry. It has a lightweight frame and is lighter than the CZ 75. When it comes to firing, it’s also smooth and crisp though with more recoil than the CZ 75.

Which Gun Should You Buy First?

For beginners, it’s easily the CZ 75 because the less recoil helps you be more accurate with your shots.

Concealed carry only applies if you have the license for it. By that time, you should be great at handling guns. You can probably get the P01 if you can handle the recoil and still maintain accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Both guns are almost the same. To summarize, both got their design patterned to the original CZ 75 with some slight variations. Each gun works excellent and they’re both great. It all comes down to their differences and your preference.

If you were to pick one for concealed carry, then you would most likely go for the P01 with its lightweight build. They’re more for experienced shooters who can handle the lightweight build while still maintaining shooting accuracy.

That’s not to say the CZ 75 Compact is bad. In fact, it’s also great. I would pick this over the P01 for practicing at the gun range. The grip is excellent so you will have a comfortable experience handling it for long hours.

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