Where to Put a Gun Safe in a House?

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Where to put a gun safe in house? This is a question that many people struggle to answer. There are many factors to consider when deciding where to place it, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The number of home invasions in the United States has increased, and so has the number of homes with firearms.

Whenever you purchase the gun safe for your house to store firearms and other items, there is always a question about where to put a gun safe in the house. Many people think that putting a gun inside the safe makes their firearms 100% secure.

But just placing your firearms inside the rifle unit does not make it 100% safe and secure. It would be best if you placed your gun safe in a secure and safe place that can be easily accessible.

Where to Put a Gun Safe in a House?

Everyone knows guns are lethal devices that will protect you and your family in times of emergency. Storing guns should always be hidden and away from children and even possible thieves. There are several places in your home where you can keep your unit easily secured.

No place in your house provides 100% safety to your gun units, but some places can give 80%-90% safety to your gun safe. These are the places I have discussed below.

  • Basements
  • Master Bedroom
  • Inside the Garage
  • Kids Reading Room
  • Inside the Walls and Floor
Gun safe


If you are the owner of a large gun unit, then placing the safe inside the basement is a good option due to the weight and size of the safety box. You don’t need to carry the unit on the upper floors. Also, you can bolt the unit on the floor, preventing the safe being carried by burglars.

I have faced some problems while storing the gun safe inside the basement. The problems are excessive moisture build-up inside the unit and water leakage. You can solve the moisture problem by placing guns safe dehumidifiers inside the unit. But if there is any water leakage problem, you should look at another place for your unit.

Master Bedroom

If you want to access the small unit quickly in emergency times, I would recommend you place your safe in a closet, drawer, or under the bed.

Inside the Garage

Storing the unit inside the garage might be the best option if you don’t have any proper place to hide your gun safe. If you are only securing the unit from kids, it is the best place to hide it. But remember, your safe will not be hidden, and there will be lots of moisture inside the garage.

So, you will need a dehumidifier that should be used to keep an acceptable humidity level low.

Kids Reading Room

No one enters the kid’s reading room except the kids. There is always minimal furniture inside the room. And if you want to secure your safe, hiding behind the bookshelf or cabinet will easily hide the unit.

Children's reading room

Also, burglars avoid the kid’s room due to less storage. So store the unit where you can properly secure it and hide it from anyone.

Inside the Walls and Floor

The best place to store the unit is inside the wall or floor to protect it from thieves. Almost every safe comes with pre-drilled holes, and you can mount the unit on the floor or wall for better protection. Before finalizing your decision, always measure the size of the unit and the size of the floor to fit the unit properly.

Where Not to Keep a Safe in Your House?

There are some places inside the house to avoid putting your gun unit to protect stored firearms better. These are the areas where thieves or burglars will reach in the hunt for firearms. These places are the kitchen, on the balcony, or where the water or fire can easily damage the stored items.

Also, avoid those places where it is harder to access weapons in an emergency. Also, never bolt your unit on a soft or wooden surface, as the thief will easily remove it.

Final Words

A gun safe is a must-have for every firearm owner. A gun safe will protect your guns from theft and fire while also keeping them out of the hands of children. But where to put it? You need to make a few considerations before deciding on the perfect location for your new purchase.

Where to put a gun safe depend on your choice and needs. But never place the gun safe where there risk of fire or there is a water leakage area. In my opinion, storing in the basement or master bedroom is the best place to secure your firearms and gun safety.

I hope this information will clear your mind about putting the gun safe in the house.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created KeepGunsSafe.com with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.