How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

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The need for self defense is on the rise, and many people are turning to guns as a way of protecting themselves. The problem with this solution is that it can be difficult to store these weapons in your home without anyone knowing.

You don’t want any nosy neighbors or burglars to know where you keep your gun safe, so I’ve put together some tips for how to hide gun safe in plain sight.

When you are not at home or in the office, and someone infiltrates your house, and an intruder can find the safe, then your gun unit might not stand against drilling or tampering by an intruder. So if you are looking for how to hide a gun safe in plain sight to protect your weapon, then keep reading this article.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

Hiding your gun unit is the best option that will protect your weapons and protect your gun safe. If you cannot find the right place to hide your unit, then I will guide you on how to hide a gun safe in plain sight? You will definitely find the right place for your safety box by reading my guide.

Having a gun safe is the best option to hide and secure your guns from children and intruders. A gun safe is also used to:

  • secure money
  • jewelry
  • ammo
  • important documents

But sometimes, only securing your weapons and other important items is not enough if you don’t secure and hide your gun safe from unknown persons.

When you decide to hide your gun safe, then always look for that place that is not easily visible by an unknown person. You can hide your gun safe at various places like:

  • under the bed
  • under the coffee table
  • inside the book gun safe
Gun inside open safe

Let’s discuss more of these in detail step by step.

Under the Bed

If your bed is large enough to hide the gun safe inside the bed, then it will be the best idea to hide your gun safe inside the bed. Firstly it will be easy for you to access the unit as soon as an emergency happens. And secondly, it will be hidden from the sight of an unknown person.

Inside the Gun Concealment Bench

Next option to hide the guns inside the concealment bench, where it will be hard to find by the intruder. But remember, you will need a gun concealment bench to store your weapons in it.

In Garage

If you cannot find the hidden place in your house, you can also try hiding the unit inside your garage. But remember to hide at that place only easily accessible by you and not by anyone else.

Rifle on top of a gun case

Inside the Picture Frame Box

If you are the owner of handguns, pistol, or revolver which does not take more storage space, I suggest hiding them inside the picture frame box. 

Hiding Under the Table

You can purchase the table from the market and add a compartment to store the weapons safely inside the table. You can also place the table in your bedroom, kitchen, or guest room, etc. I would recommend you place the table in your bedroom due to its easy accessibility.


It’s a good idea to secure your weapons and gun unit at a place that is not easily accessible and hidden from intruders. But remember, it will be hard to access the unit if you hide the gun safe with the weapons stored inside the unit.

Firstly, you have to unlock where you have stored it, and secondly, you have to unlock the gun unit, which will be a hard task when there is an emergency.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.