Can You Shoot on Your Property in Indiana?

person wearing hat shooting in an open area

There is no state law that prohibits purchase and ownership of firearms in Indiana as long as you are above the age of 18. It is for this reason that most Indiana residents have a gun or two in their possession. For anyone above the age of 18, it might seem easy to own a …

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Can a 40 Caliber Kill a Bear?

40 caliber bullets

.40 caliber weapons are available everywhere and sometimes go for less than 9mm weapons. It’s a known fact that the rounds leave the weapon with more energy than 9mm rounds, but many still wonder, “can a 40 caliber kill a bear?” There’s a lot to analyze before jumping to conclusions. Can a 40 Caliber Kill …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Tennessee?

Man shooting a target from a distance

If you are interested in becoming a professional shooter, then it is important for you to spend adequate time practicing so that you can improve your skills. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in an area where gun ranges are easily accessible or affordable. In such instances, a convenient solution would be for …

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Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun?

Brown and copper semi automatic pistol with bullets

Regardless of its purpose, you should keep any weapon clean to avoid malfunctioning. Gun maintenance involves cleaning and greasing. One of the most common questions gun owners ask is “Can I use Olive oil on my gun?” I’ve prepared this guide to help you answer that question. Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun? …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wisconsin?

Rear view of a person aiming a sniper hunting rifle

Firearm safety is the main reason why federal and state gun laws exist. Negligent use of firearms may lead to unintentional loss of life and property damage. Being aware of the gun laws governing the area you live in or plan to shoot your firearm in keeps you out of legal trouble. Can You Shoot …

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Can an 18 Year Old Carry a Handgun in Texas?

Person hiding a gun in his jeans

The Lone Star state is one of the states that still follow traditional time-honored values. They are less restrictive to their citizens compared to other states. When it comes to gun laws, Texas probably has more freedom granted to its people. What if you’re a minor? This begs the question, can an 18-year old carry …

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How to Open a Cannon Gun Safe Without Combination

Close up of a combination lock

Cannon is one of the most decorated sellers of safes for the protection of your firearms and other valuables. Cannon Gun Safes specializes in 2 types of safe locks, mechanical and electrical. While both safe locks require different methods in order to open it, I’m to discuss how to open a Cannon gun safe without …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in North Carolina?

A man aiming a shotgun to the sky in an open field

Recreational or target shooting has become quite a popular sport for North Carolina residents. However, there are rules and enforceable legal restrictions that you must follow when engaging in gun shooting activities. Which leads me to the question, can you shoot on your property in North Carolina? The rules and regulations that you follow depend …

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Can I Use Brake Cleaner on My Gun?

Cleaning gun parts with a brake cleaner

You might have heard from other gun owners that they sometimes use brake cleaner to clean their guns. You are probably wondering and asking yourself “can I use brake cleaner on my gun?” In this article, I will tell you why some people use brake cleaner on their guns. Can I Use Brake Cleaner on …

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Can I Use Canola Oil on My Gun?

A glass oil dispenser with a silver tip filled with oil on top of a white table

I have that time when I run out of gun oil, and the gun shop is closed. When I have no other alternatives, you probably asked yourself the question, “can I use canola oil on my gun? In this article, I’ll provide the pros and cons of using it and break down canola if it’s …

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Can I Use Carb Cleaner on My Gun?

Silver and brown colored hand pistol beside a silver magazine and gold bullets on top of a blue and gray target board

Carb cleaners are commonly found in households with lawnmowers and motorcycles. If you also own a gun at home, you probably wonder if you can use carb cleaner on your gun since they’re cheaper. Can I Use Carb Cleaner on My Gun? You can use carb cleaner on your gun. However, most people wouldn’t recommend …

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Can I Use Vaseline on My Gun?

A person getting vaseline using one finger while holding a blue container near a white surface

Vaseline is somewhat of a common household item used for anything related to getting sick. It’s applied to the skin and provides a soothing effect. However, some people have tried using it on guns which begs the question, can you use vaseline on your guns? Can I Use Vaseline on My Gun? Yes, you can …

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