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How to Properly Use a Bore Snake

Green bore snake tied with a blue ribbon

​Knowing how to use a bore snake is a great backup cleaning solution to your regular deep-cleaning kit. You can easily carry one or more folded-up bore snakes in different calibers with you while practicing at a shooting range or out hunting. You may not want to carry your bulky cleaning kit case around with …

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How to Build a Gun Safe Room

Guns stacked in a row

Having your own hidden room for gun safes is the stuff of movies. It is also the stuff of reality and careful security. But, it can still have a touch of romance and fun to it. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a gun safe room in your home. There are a …

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How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe

two gun safes gray for bolting down and securing firearm

If you want to know about bolting a safe, you should know it isn’t a very complicated task. Gun safes are usually designed to be bolted down, so you won’t have a very hard time doing it. We are going to look at some basic concepts that will guide you through this process. We are …

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