Can You Shoot on Your Property in California?

Palm Springs California backyard property

Safe shooting of firearms is essential in protecting you from harm that could arise from ricocheting bullets and flying debris. If you fire your firearm while holding it in the wrong position, you can also get injured from recoil action. Firing your firearm in a regulated environment is one way to protect yourself. Can You …

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What Size Gun Case Do You Need for an AR 15?

Best gun case size for an AR 15

What good is your AR 15 if you keep it at home all the time? If you don’t use it from time to time, it may malfunction over time. Yet, transporting an AR 15 safely can present some challenges and that’s why you need a gun case. However, buying it online can be tricky and …

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Should You Oil the Inside of a Gun Barrel?

Wondering, should you oil the inside of a gun barrel

If you regularly maintain your gun, there is a lesser chance of any accidental discharge. If you are a beginner in gun cleaning, however, there are a lot of things that you are unsure of. One common question most new people ask is: Should you oil the inside of a gun barrel? Should You Oil …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in South Carolina?

Guy shooting a rifle

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives the citizens of the US the right to keep and bear arms. However, most states in the country have laws that regulate the possession, purchase, use and sometimes transport of firearms. South Carolina is no different. It is a ‘shall issue’ state, meaning that one requires …

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How to Make a DIY Gun Cabinet: The Easy Way

How To Make A DIY Gun Cabinet: The Easy Way

Gun cabinets are proficient at providing a safe location for your firearms. However, the retail price for these tools is expensive. If you’re a gun owner who has some time on their hands, continue reading. I want to help you build your own gun cabinets. Throughout this post, I’ll discuss seven steps to help you …

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How to Open an Amazon Safe Without a Key

Gun on top of a pile of a map, paper bills and near a gun safe and clock

So, you’re trying to open your Amazon safe without the key and can’t figure out how? If you’ve ever been in that situation before, then this blog post is for you. I’m going to share a few tricks on how to get inside an Amazon safe without the key. These methods are easy and worth …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Vermont?

Man in gray long sleeves holding a pistol

Vermont is one of the more relaxed states when it comes to firearm rules and regulations. It is an open carry state which recognizes its citizens’ constitutional right to carry firearms. It allows permit-less carry and does not issue concealed weapon permits. As long as you are 16 years or older and legally allowed to …

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Can a .223 Kill a Bear?

Three opened boxes of .233 bullets

It’s normal for people to go out camping especially on holidays. People need to enjoy nature too. However, you could get unlucky and encounter a bear in the woods. Most bears would just ignore you if you intimidate them. If the bear goes aggressive, you need to protect yourself. If you have a .223 you …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Missouri?

city of columbia missouri

While the constitution allows for every citizen (unless prohibited by law) to bear arms, every state has its own interpretation of the law. This is why each state has its own gun control laws in a bid to protect the life of its residents while still allowing them to enjoy the rights they are entitled …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Virginia?

Guy wearing a cap and gray striped shirt shoot a target with a rifle

Virginia gun laws are quite relaxed. You do not need a permit to buy or possess any firearm except handguns. However, can you shoot on your property in Virginia? Open carry is permitted and the CCW permit is honored by 36 states. It is legal to carry in restaurants unless otherwise defined by the owner. …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Alabama?

men practicing shooting outdoors

Alabama is made up of 67 counties and most probably each has 67 different country laws on gun firing on private property. It is best to check out with the local county offices to ensure that you are within the law when target shooting on your property or any private property. The Alabama state firearms …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Colorado?

Landscape shot with a barn in Colorado

State and federal laws control how gun owners discharge their weapons. These laws support the establishment of shooting ranges that create ideal spaces for safe discharge of weapons. Using such spaces prepares gun owners for the safe use of their firearms even if they have to shoot within their own properties. Can You Shoot on …

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