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Are Bore Snakes Any Good?

Are bore snakes good for gun cleaning

You have probably seen some shooters at the gun range use some piece of cord to clean the insides of their gun barrel. That’s what you call bore snakes and they’ve been used since World War 2. Some people love them and some people don’t, that makes you wonder, are bore snakes any good? Are …

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Who Makes Browning Gun Safes?

An old gun safe

Browning gun safes are known for their attractive and polished look, both inside and outside. Browning is one of the most popular rifles and pistol safe brands in the market today. However, with such popularity, it’s hard to know who makes browning gun safes nowadays. Who Makes Browning Gun Safes? ProSteel Security Products (more commonly …

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What Is the Cheapest 9mm Handgun?


If you’re interested in having a reliable means for self-defense, a 9mm handgun is an affordable option. Certainly cheaper and simpler than buying a rifle or a shotgun. Even if you’re in a budget, it’s hard to know what is the cheapest 9mm handgun. Don’t worry, we’re here to help sort through several 9mm handgun …

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What to Know When Buying a Handgun

Gun with bullets beside it

The topic of firearms and gun control has always been a divisive topic in America. Nevertheless, you still have the right to own one and it’s up to you on how you’re going to use them. Handguns, in particular, are great firearms for protection. If you’re considering buying one, you should have the knowledge on …

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How to Move a 500 LB Gun Safe

Compact gun safe

If you have a 500 lb. gun safe at home, then you know that moving it is not an easy task because of its bulkiness and weight. Sooner or later, you’ll have to move it from its spot because of cleaning, moving to another home, or for another reason. Yet, not many people know how …

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How to Install Lights in a Gun Safe

Person opening a gun safe

Like many gun-owners, you’ve probably put your gun safe in a place where it’s a bit dark to make it unnoticeable. However, it can be annoying not to have some lighting around when you’re doing routine checks in your safe. Gun safe lighting isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes, they can also serve safety purposes.  Some …

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What Handgun Do Navy SEALs Use?

Gun on a table

Like any other professionals on the field, Navy SEALs can’t properly do their jobs if they don’t have the right tools. In their case, it’s all about weapons and military equipment. Having the best weapon available increases the chances of a successful mission and also coming out of the mission alive and well.  For Navy …

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