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The Four Primary Rules of Firearm Safety

A black hand gun in front of a black background with smoke and bullets coming out of it

The use of a firearm is an inherently dangerous activity which requires respect and responsibility at all times. There are four primary rules of gun safety (plus some additional rules we’ll cover). The cardinal rules of gun safety are important because they are redundant. These 4 cardinal rules of gun safety overlap with each other, …

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An Outline of the Basic Parts of Ammunition

Gold ammunition standing up beside other that are laid on the counter

Understanding ammunition and how it works is essential to a safe and productive shooting experience. To make sure you can choose the correct ammo for your firearm and your specific needs, it’s good to have an understanding of the basic components of ammo. So, what are the basic parts of ammunition? What are the Basic …

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How to Properly Use a Bore Snake

Green bore snake tied with a blue ribbon

​Knowing how to use a bore snake is a great backup cleaning solution to your regular deep-cleaning kit. You can easily carry one or more folded-up bore snakes in different calibers with you while practicing at a shooting range or out hunting. You may not want to carry your bulky cleaning kit case around with …

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How to Properly Mount a Scope on Your Gun or Rifle

Soldier holds his gun with a scope attachment

There are many reasons why we want to know how to mount a scope on a handgun, a rifle, or a shotgun. One reason is that using a red dot scope on a handgun allows you to pick up your target easily. This is important as you train for accurately finding and hitting your mark. …

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How Often Should a Firearm Be Cleaned?

A marine in a blue jumpsuit wiping down firearms

Proper firearm cleaning and maintenance is essential. You might know this, and you may be asking yourself, “How often should a firearm be cleaned to keep it in top condition?” It’s an important question, with the short answer being that you should clean it after every use. But, there are certain indications and factors you need …

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A Guide to the Basic Parts of a Handgun

Semi automatic pistol held at shooting point within a grassy land

​In preparing a guide to the three basic parts of a handgun, we examined many different handguns. These included single action revolvers, double action revolvers, and several different types of semi automatic pistols. After going over these, we settled just what these key parts are, and how they differ among types of guns. ​Pistols and …

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How to Build a Gun Safe Room

Guns stacked in a row

Having your own hidden room for gun safes is the stuff of movies. It is also the stuff of reality and careful security. But, it can still have a touch of romance and fun to it. In this article, we’ll show you how you can build your own gun safe room in your home. How …

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How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe

two gun safes gray for bolting down and securing firearm

If you want to know about bolting a safe, you should know it isn’t a very complicated task. Gun safes are usually designed to be bolted down, so you won’t have a very hard time doing it. We are going to look at some basic concepts that will guide you through this process. We are …

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How to Secure a Safe Without Bolting it to the Floor

keeping a gun in proper storage gun safe

If you have a gun safe, you probably want to securely mount or install it somewhere. After all, a safe is no good if people can just walk off with it. We’ll share how to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor, so you can feel more secure about your gun storage. ​How …

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How to Shoot a Gun for the First Time

A man holds a gun with the site in view

​If it’s your first time shooting a gun, it does not have to be difficult or intimidating. You just need the proper guidance on how to do so, and we’ll walk you through those steps. Then, when you go to the range or are out shooting, you’ll be prepared, safe, and ready. ​How to Shoot …

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Learn The Ins And Outs Of Ammo Reloading

Learn The Ins And Outs Of Ammo Reloading

Ammo reloading (also known as handloading) is when you assemble firearm cartridges or shotgun shells from scratch instead of purchasing them already assembled. This means you will be assembling the components (case or hull, the primer, powder, and the shot or bullet) one by one from the cases or shells you have previously shot. Why …

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