The Top Shooting Ranges in Alaska

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Shooting is a skill that needs to be perfected with continuous practice. When you go for regular shooting sessions, you will be able to improve your ability to focus and control your gun while firing at a target. If you reside in Alaska, there are several top shooting ranges that you can visit to sharpen your shooting ability.

The Best Shooting Ranges in Alaska

Below is a list of the best 10 shooting ranges in Alaska. These ranges have different features that make them unique. Learn more about the features that each range offers.

  • Rabbit Creek Shooting Park: Anchorage, AK
  • Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range: Fairbanks, AK
  • SnowShoe Gun Club: Kenai, AK
  • Matanuska Valley Sportsmen’s Shooting Range: Palmer, AK
  • Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park: Chugiak, Anchorage
  • Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex: Juneau, AK
  • Fischer Skeet Range: Fort Wainwright, AK
  • Tanana Valley Sportsmen’s Association: Fairbanks, AK
  • Iron Mountain Shooting Club: Seward, AK
  • Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club: Ketchikan, AK
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Rabbit Creek Shooting Park: Anchorage, AK

Rabbit Creek Shooting Park is a gun range that provides an opportunity for recreational shooters and hunters to improve their skills using different types of firearms. At this facility, you can perfect your skill with ranges for archery, rim-fire, centerfire, handgun, and non-poisonous shotgun clay target shooting.

The facility stands out because it is open to skilled shooters as well as people who are eager to get their first shooting experience. It also has a wide range of features to accommodate different types of users.

Gun ranges in Arizona shares the same features, such as an enclosed and heated center-firing range that is 100 yards long, a 50-yard semi-enclosed handgun and rim-fire range, and two ranges from where special instructions are provided.

You will also get additional facilities such as spotting scopes, rifle rests, sandbags, chronographs and targets. This is in addition to the friendly staff, who endeavor to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your shooting experience.

Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range: Fairbanks, AK

The Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range has been described as a ‘first-class educational and recreational facility for Fairbanks and surrounding communities’ because of its focus on providing training and education to users. In accordance with its mission to provide education and training to different types of visitors, the facility has various unique features.

The features include a 50-foot long live-fire shooting range that has 10 lanes. There is also a bullet trap system that can be used with handguns of up to .45 caliber and .22 rifles, and an air handling system to protect the environment. You will also find two well-equipped classrooms that can accommodate up to 36 students. 

Other features that make this shooting range stand out to include the availability of an electronic shooting range simulation system and the fact that users are provided with firearm instruction for all skill levels. You also get access to friendly and knowledgeable instructors, staff, and volunteers who are keen to help you.

SnowShoe Gun Club: Kenai, AK

SnowShoe Gun Club is one of the largest private shooting ranges in Alaska. It is also one of the oldest shooting facilities, having been established in 1970. In order to use the services of this not-for-profit organization, you first have to be registered as a member.

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As a registered member, you will have access to a 1000-yard shooting range, four sporting clays fields, 11 pistol shooting bays, a 200m tactical gun shooting area, and a range for black powder gun systems. The facility also provides comprehensive firearms training sessions.

Therefore, if you are looking to enroll for training on the use of any kind of firearm, apart from the shooting ranges in New Orleans, this is one of the ranges that you should visit.

Matanuska Valley Sportsmen’s Shooting Range: Palmer, AK

The unique features of the Matanuska Valley Sportsmen’s Shooting Range include a 12-station indoor facility that has 4 new high-caliber lanes. The facility also has an outdoor range that can be used during summer hours and a classroom for instruction. 

The facility’s indoor shooting range got an upgrade just last year. The newest addition to the facility is a high-caliber range, which makes it possible to use both handguns and rifles. Measuring 25 yards, the new range can accommodate target shooting for calibers up to .50, which is a significant increase from the initial maximum caliber of .44 Magnum. 

Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park: Chugiak, Anchorage

Similar to gun ranges in Alabama, this facility is a member’s-only gun range, and one of the largest and oldest private gun ranges in Alaska. Established in 1964, Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park (BRSP) has notable features including 8 pistol and rifle ranges with more than 100 enclosed shooting points. Users of the facility also have access to 12 shotgun ranges.

Just recently, BRSP launched Shotgun Leagues. The leagues are a series of competitions in which different teams shoot at the same time every week for a period of 10 weeks starting from September 22, 2020. Participants in the leagues must be registered members with valid memberships.

Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex: Juneau, AK

Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex is a public facility that gives priority to ‘hunter education and firearms training’. The facility provides or sponsors the provision of different types of services. These include a 50-foot live firing range that has 7 shooting tracks and provision of firearms instruction.

The facility also has a modern bullet-trap system that supports handguns of up to .45 caliber and .22 rifles. It also has a modern air management system and provides league shooting and tournament shooting sessions. You will be guided and assisted by friendly and knowledgeable staff and instructors at the facility.

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Fischer Skeet Range: Fort Wainwright, AK

Fischer Skeet Range was established with a view to helping both novice and experienced shooters. The range has lights for winter shooting, which makes it possible for you to sharpen your shooting skills throughout the year regardless of the weather. The other features of the facility include three skeet ranges, one 5-stand, and one trap shooting range.

If you want to specialize in skeet and trap shooting, you can also check out some of the gun ranges in Atlanta.

Tanana Valley Sportsmen’s Association: Fairbanks, AK

Tanana Valley Sportsmen’s Association (TVSA) is a sportsmen’s association that is committed to promoting youth shooting activities and the education of residents of Alaska on firearm safety. TVSA also organizes competitive shooting activities to help individuals sharpen their shooting skills.

Iron Mountain Shooting Club: Seward, AK

Iron Mountain Shooting Club is a public facility that supports various shooting and related sporting activities including air gun shooting, muzzleloading, and skeet and trap shooting. It has an outdoor pistol shooting range measuring 50 yards as well as a 180-yard outdoor rifle range.

Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club: Ketchikan, AK

At Ketchikan Rod & Gun Club, you will have access to an outdoor pistol range of 500 yards as well as an outdoor rifle range of the same length. The facility also offers users space for pistol silhouette, rifle silhouette, muzzle loading, and trap shooting.


These are the top shooting ranges in Alaska. By visiting any of these facilities, you will not only perfect your shooting skills but also get the knowledge and skills you need to effectively manage your gun.

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