Is Gun Bore Cleaner the Same as CLP?

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New gun owners often get confused about how they should be taking care of their firearms. On the one hand, quality CLP cleaners promise to do it all. On the other, there are bore cleaners and lubes that clean and protect but stretch out the cleaning process.

So, is gun bore cleaner the same as CLP? Let’s find out.

Is Gun Bore Cleaner the Same as CLP?

No, gun bore cleaners are not the same as CLP. Gun bore cleaners do a much better job removing fouling and make cleaning the weapon comparatively easier. On the other hand, CLP cleaners do not deep clean weapons and have no effect on copper fouling.

This is not to say that CLP cleaners are not effective. While those cleaners do a decent job of cleaning the weapon, they don’t lubricate and protect your weapon as well as expected. CLP cleaners tend to gunk up the weapon and sometimes lead to more frequent jamming.

Young man using a bore cleaner to clean his gun

Do Bore Cleaners and CLP Cleaners Work the Same Way?

Bore cleaners and CLP cleaners more or less work the same way. Here are the steps to follow to clean a firearm with either of the cleaners:

  • Disassemble– Go through your weapon’s manufacturer guide and strip it down as instructed. If the firearm didn’t come with a guide, look for one online. You will need to remove the slide for pistols, the bolt for rifles, and the barrel/bolt for shotguns.
  • Clean the Bore– Grab a cleaning patch and soak it in your cleaner. Then, run it through the barrel a few times with the help of a cleaning rod. This will loosen up the build-up and fouling. To remove the heavier fouling, wrap a cleaner-soaked patch around a bronze brush and run it through. Finally, run dry patches through the barrel until one comes out clean. Wipe the excess cleaner off the weapon’s finished parts to prevent damage to the finish.
  • Clean Moving Parts– Spread out the weapon’s metal parts on a solvent-resistant surface and scrub off the gunk using a utility brush. Wipe the parts clean with a patch and ensure no excess cleaner is left. You must then lubricate the weapon with gun oil. If you’re using CLP, you can lubricate the firearm with it and don’t necessarily have to use another product.

Do CLP Cleaners and Bore Cleaners Remove Rust?

Yes, both gun bore cleaners and CLP cleaners work effectively on corrosion. However, since different brands use different chemicals, your mileage will vary.

You will need to do some due diligence to find a cleaner that works best for your weapons.


Both gun bore cleaners and CLP cleaners can clean a weapon, but gun bore cleaners tend to act on fouling and gunk more effectively. CLP cleaners do not remove copper fouling, so if your weapon tends to have a lot of it, it’s best to stick to gun bore cleaners to get the job done.

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