Do You Need A Gun Permit to Shoot at A Gun Range in Utah?

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Like other states, Utah has a large selection of public, indoor, and outdoor gun ranges with enough facilities to cater to all residents’ gun-related needs. If you are a beginner, the ranges have sufficient equipment, including competent instructors, to turn you into a proficient shooter in no time. It is, therefore, essential that you acquaint yourself with Utah’s gun laws first. Read on.

Do You Need a Gun Permit to Shoot at a gun Range in Utah?

No, a permit is not required to shoot at a range in Utah because no license is needed to possess or own a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. However, a background check must be run to rule out any criminal history when buying a licensed dealer’s firearm. Concealed carry also does not require a state permit.


Open Carry Laws in Utah

A gun owner can carry an unloaded firearm without a permit or license. The gun must also be at least two actions from being fired. Carrying loaded firearms in gun cases are only allowed for persons with a concealed carry permit.

Although open carry is not illegal, residents in Utah are advised to be responsible with guns.

The firearm must remain in view at all times during open carry. Also, ensure you do not open carry in a state or federally prohibited location. Utah does not forbid possession and purchasing of antique firearms and machine guns, neither is there a limit to the ammunition rounds a magazine should contain.

Legal Places to Open Carry in Utah

Utah allows open carry in the following areas of the state:

  • You can open carry in bars and restaurants, as long as there is no signage prohibiting it
  • Private vehicles – You are allowed to open carry in your car or another person’s vehicle if you are permitted to do so.
  • You are not prohibited from opening carry on Utah’s roadside areas.
  • State forests, wildlife management areas, and parks are also open carry locations.
  • Open carry is also allowed by Utah gun statutes in worship areas unless the authority in charge prohibits it.

Illegal Areas to Open Carry

Utah forbids open carry in the following places:

Man walking with his dog and rifle bag, not needing a gun permit to shoot at a gun range in Utah
  • You cannot open carry in jails, prisons, and detention facilities.
  • Any buildings that law enforcement officers use for daily operations prohibit open carry.
  • You will answer to felony charges if you open carry in courthouses or courts during proceedings.
  • Open carrying is prohibited in hospitals or mental homes.
  • It is against the law to open carry in the safety zones of airports.
  • It is illegal to open carry when under the influence of alcohol or any substance controlled by the state. The state considers you intoxicated if you have a blood concentration of more than 0.5.
  • You cannot open carry in any federally prohibited area.

Utah’s Concealed Carry

A concealed permit is issued for residents with a Utah Concealed Firearm Permits (CFP) and non-residents with a valid state permit. The applicant must be above 21 or at least 18 years to get a temporary permit. Also, you must first finish a gun safety familiarity course with a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) certification.

A gun owner will also benefit from reciprocity with other states.

The conceal carry permit holders cannot carry a gun in state and federally restricted areas such as federal facilities, courthouses, and courtrooms. Other restricted places include law enforcement secured areas, detention, mental facilities, private residence, and worship places unless allowed by the leaders in charge.


Utah is one state where you can enjoy your shooting sessions due to the relaxed gun possession laws. You can take advantage to brush up on your shooting skills in Utah gun ranges, and boost your firearm knowledge with a concealed carry permit training course.

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