Can You Shoot on Your Property in Oregon?

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Open carry is legal in Oregon. There is no law that requires you to have a permit to carry a firearm in the state. However, just like any other state in the US, Oregon regulates the ownership and use of firearms and ammunition.

Oregon might have one of the most lenient gun laws, but it also has some intense regulations, regulations that are set to keep the streets safe from gun violence and carelessness when handling such lethal weapons.

This post highlights some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to gun laws in the state. Keep reading.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Oregon?

Yes, the law allows you to shoot on your property in Oregon. With the significant increase in personal and property crimes, it is permissible to use deadly force to keep yourself and your property safe. And while self-defense is legal, you should not shoot if an intruder is not a threat to your life or your property.

A pistol being shot with a flying bullet

Other than defending criminals and keeping invaders away from your home, you can also use your firearm for hunting. Out of the many recreational sports out there utilizing the local gun ranges, hunting seems to warm the hearts of many. It is something that the residents love to do.

But because the state regulates the use of firearms, you should obtain a valid hunting license before taking part in that thrilling adventure. Licenses are, however, not a requirement for anyone shooting or hunting on their own property.

What Are the Requirements for Hunting in Oregon?

Shooting sports are becoming quite popular and hunting is one of the most sought-after activities not just in Oregon but across America.

Here is a list of requirements that you need to meet before you can legally shoot to hunt in Oregon:

  • You need a valid hunting license – Whether you are new to the state or you are a permanent resident, it is illegal to go hunting without a valid hunting license.
  • You need to use a legal hunting weapon – Rifles, shot guns and muzzleloaders are the most commonly used weapons in the state.
  • You need to observe the hunting restrictions – Different hunting spots have different rules and regulations. And even as you familiarize yourself with the area regulations, you should remember that shooting from your vehicle is prohibited in all hunting spots.
  • Lastly, you should be above 12 years to hunt – Hunting is a sport for both the young and the old. Minors between the age of 12 – 17 are allowed to hunt but under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Is There a Minimum Age to Buy or Use a Gun in Oregon?

Yes, there is a minimum age to buy and use a gun in Oregon. Lest I forget, guns are very dangerous weapons.

The state recognizes the risks involved and has set a law that prohibits the possession and use of guns for anyone below the age of 18. However, minors below the age of 18 can temporarily be in possession of a gun for lawful purposes.

A gun being held downward

Who Can Not Own a Gun in Oregon?

  • Convicted felons
  • Stalkers
  • Persons below the age of 18
  • Persons known to have a drug and substance addiction
  • Persons who have been accused of aggravated assault, battery, and other crimes of violence.
  • Persons who are deemed incompetent to handle a firearm.


In as much as I need firearms for safety and recreational activities, it should not be forgotten that these firearms are lethal weapons. Take the time to learn the basic gun handling and safety techniques. I need to be mindful of my neighbors’ safety just as I am mindful of my own safety.

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