Will a Gun Safe Protect Against EMP?

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Threats are always looming in the United States. North Korea’s nuclear program and the unrest in the Middle East are a reminder to be always vigilant. EMPs can wreak havoc in my infrastructure and cripple defenses. One sure way of protecting your family is having an EMP resistant gun safe.

Will a Gun Safe Protect Against EMP?

There are different variations of gun safes to choose from with different features. However, not all gun safes are EMP resistant. You need to buy an EMP resistant gun safe if you want to have access to your guns when an invasion or nuclear scenario comes up.

When this happens panic would ensue and the only ones you can trust are your family. People will act out of the ordinary because of desperation and panic. Keeping your gun safe protected from EMP will increase your family’s safety.

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What Is EMP?

EMP is the short term for electromagnetic pulses which are bursts of electromagnetic energy. They disable your electrical or electronic equipment by damaging or interfering with it. The electronic equipment may become disabled temporarily or permanently depending on the EMP level.

EMP can occur from:

  • Nuclear attack
  • Massive solar flares
  • Cyberattack
  • Electromagnetic interference weapons

EMP can potentially expose and exploit the United States vulnerability in power grids and completely paralyze the whole electric grid.

What Is EMP Safe Lock?

EMP-safe lock is electronic mechanical protection that keeps your electrical lock protected. Electromagnetic pulses from nuclear detonations can disable electronic locks. Other disasters like floods, earthquakes, and fires can also affect them.

Investing in EMP technology for your gun safe lock can prevent it from malfunctioning when a crisis situation occurs. The last thing you want is not to have the protection your family needs in a state of anarchy.

If your gun safe comes with an EMP-safe lock, you’ll have a second EMP lock that allows you to manually input your combination to unlock your gun safe.

This will also help keep your gun safe off from robbers and invaders from stealing your guns.

Why Choose Safes With EMP Resistance?

In emergency situations, getting access to your gun safe in the shortest amount of time possible is very important.

Having a gun safe lock that’s fast to unlock, reliable, and convenient can help save you and your family’s life.

EMP resistant gun safe locks contain a mechanical lock that you can use even in the worst of emergencies like nuclear blasts. Having both electrical and mechanical lock helps keep your mind at ease. If one of the locks fails, then you can rely on the other one to open your gun safe.

The dual-locking system is the most convenient and reliable method of keeping your gun safe accessible at any emergency scenario whether it is from burglars trying to rob your home or natural disasters.

Can the Electronic Lock on Your Safe Survive an EMP Attack?

Any electronic equipment needs power in order to work. That means that your electronic lock won’t survive an EMP attack. Once your electronic lock breaks down, you’ll be left with a closed gun safe with only an override key to open it.

However, not all gun safes have spare override keys. Having a second option for opening your gun safe like a mechanical lock will let you open it. The only way you can protect your gun safe from an EMP attack is by placing it inside a Faraday Cage.

Electronic locks are less durable compared to mechanical locks. Investing in a dual-lock system with EMP resistance is the most recommended option.

Will a Gun Safe Act as a Faraday Cage?

A gun safe won’t work as a Faraday ​​​​​Cage. It may block out some radio signals but the gun safe is a solid metal box that can’t block an EMP. A Faraday Cage is a hollow conductor where the charge remains on the external surface of the cage.

You can use different materials to block off certain wavelengths. Some materials used for Faraday Cage are:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Conductive alloys

The size of the mesh and shape of the holes of the mesh affects a Faraday Cage’s capabilities, frequency, and wavelength of the EMP. I recommend multi-layered meshes for optimal protection.

You can place your gun safe inside a Faraday Cage to protect it from EMP blasts. It will deflect the electromagnetic pulse and shield your gun safe from an electrical malfunction.

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How Long Would It Take the U.S. to Recover From an EMP Attack?

Since information about any nuclear test is mostly classified, there’s not much available information about EMP and Nuclear threats in the U.S. However, experts say that the U.S. would take approximately 2 months to 10 years to recover from a nuclear EMP attack.

It’s not really the blast that could cripple the country but the repercussions on the economy and the people’s way of living.

According to survival experts, if an EMP were to happen to the United States, 70% to 90% of Americans would die within 12 to 18 months after the attack. This is because Americans have a strong dependency on electric energy making it difficult for them to produce food, water, and sanitation capabilities.

This has been proven true in American history, as people have reacted to behaviors such as rioting and looting during a widespread power outage during the July 13, 1977, New York power outage. Keeping your survival kit inside your EMP-proof gun safe can increase the safety of your family.


Is My Gun Safe EMP Proof?

Some gun safes are EMP while most aren’t. However, you can EMP-proof your gun safe to protect any electronics inside. You can do this by upgrading the storage with a Faraday Cage and installing EMP safe lock or mechanical lock.

Are Guns Affected by EMP?

Guns aren’t affected by EMP directly. However, you might have a hard time getting access to it when it’s stored inside a gun safe. Gun safes are generally made of metal and electronic locks, so an EMP blast could lock out your guns inside the electronic gun safe.

What Material Is EMP Proof?

The best material for your gun safe for EMP proof is steel. Steel isn’t affected by EMP even when the electricity goes out. However, it only works with mechanical locks and not with electronic locks that can still be affected by EMP.


While gun safes aren’t safe from EMP attacks, you can upgrade them so that they remain functional even after an EMP blast. Consider installing an EMP resistant safe lock or a dual lock system to keep your gun safe functioning even after a disaster.

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