How to Keep Gun Safe Moisture Free

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If you are the owner of firearms, your priority is to store your firearms in a safe and secure place. I buy a gun safe to secure all the weapons, and it’s my duty to keep them moisture-free. But if you don’t do the care, the stored weapon starts getting damaged due to moisture build-up inside the unit.

To avoid building moisture inside the unit, you should keep your guns dry by placing a dehumidifier, bulb, baking soda, etc. I have discussed in detail how to keep guns safe moisture free in detail, and also I have written various methods to keep your firearms rust-free.

How to Keep Gun Safe Moisture Free

Many gun owners believe that once the safe is locked and not opened for a couple of days does not harm stored firearms. In fact, whenever you open the door of the gun safe, a little bit of moisture enters inside the unit. That moisture starts building rust inside the gun safe and starts damaging the rifles.

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To overcome this situation, there are many ways to prevent building moisture inside the unit. I have discussed those methods that will protect the firearms, giving you peace of mind.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

One of the best and good options to keep your weapons moisture-free is placing dehumidifiers inside the unit. There are two types of dehumidifiers available in the market these are:

  • electric dehumidifiers
  • desiccant dehumidifiers

Electric Dehumidifiers

Electric dehumidifiers are the best option to prevent moisture in humid conditions. Electric dehumidifier requires electricity and runs through the wire. Currently, the golden electric rod dehumidifier is the most popular right now in the market to maintain the temperature inside the gun unit.

Before setting up the electric dehumidifier, you will need to work to place it inside the rifle safe properly. You will need a power outlet near the unit and a hole inside the unit to pass the wire to run the electric dehumidifier. Many gun safes come with pre-drilled holes so easy for you to set up the dehumidifier.

If you don’t want any hassle, then you can go with a desiccant dehumidifier that is battery-powered and does not require any hole or wire to run.

Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier does not require any wires or holes inside the unit. You place the desiccant dehumidifier, and it will automatically absorb all the moisture inside the unit. These are affordable and also takes less space inside the unit to operate.

You can also use a silica pack for small safes where you have stored your medicines, money, jewelry, etc. For a larger rifle safe, you will need more silica packs to maintain the temperature, as a single silica pack is not sufficient for a large unit.

These desiccant dehumidifiers last for 1 month or less, depending on how much you open the door of the gun safe.

Silica gel packs

Silica gel requires the charging of the gel-based silica beads, which absorbs the rust. When the beads turn orange to green, all you have to do is heat the packet in the oven for at least three hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 120 degrees Celsius.

This process will dry the silica gel beads and again change the color of the beads from green to orange to again reuse inside the unit.

Keep the silica gel away from the gun surface.

Dry Rice

If you don’t want to invest in a dehumidifier, then go with dry rice, which works really well. Take a 2 medium-size cup of rice and put it inside the safe. Rice will start absorbing moisture and make your firearms rust-free. Change the cup of rice with a new one after 2-3 months, depending on how much moisture the weather is.


The cheapest option for removing moisture and also effective one is putting a bulb inside the unit. Placing a light bulb will absorb the moisture and makes the air inside the gun safe, warm, and heated. You will need a hole inside the unit to pass the wire of the bulb.

If the size of the gun safe is big, then you will need a bigger bulb that can cover the whole area.

How to Check Gun Safe Moisture Level

Before investing in a dehumidifying product, you should also do you require a dehumidifier for your gun safe to remove any moisture build-up. There is a device called a hygrometer which will show you how much humidity level is present inside the room where the safe is place.

If the hygrometer shows 50% or below humidity level, then it’s okay, and you don’t require any dehumidifying product. But if it’s above the given mark, then you should consider buying one moisture control device to protect your stored weapons from any rust.

Remember, if the climate is warm and dry, then you can skip purchasing any dehumidifying product. Also, from time to time, do open the gun safe door to check if weapons show signs of rust or not, then only decide whether to go for a dehumidifier product.

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