Do You Grease a Gun or Oil It?

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Grease or oil is the most common topic in gun lubrication and one that is debated by gun owners. I’m here to weigh in on the matter and once and for all clear the matter of do you grease a gun or oil it?

Do You Grease a Gun or Oil It?

Greasing a gun or oiling it is a matter of personal preference. You may feel that a certain product works better on your gun than the other. The terms grease and oil can be mixed up and one can even be mistaken as the other.

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To give you more knowledge about grease and oil read further. There is information that you might want to know so that you can make a better judgment on your next purchase of gun oil or lube.

Grease vs Oil

While most grease products fall under the category of grease, some products marketed as gun lubrication are not grease at all. The same can be said with gun oil products. Grease and oil can be identified and differentiated by things like:

  • Ingredients
  • Synthetic or non-synthetic
  • Composition
  • Effects

Therefore, what’s more, important for gun maintenance is how effective the gun lube or gun oil will be for your guns.


Grease is a lubricant in the form of a thick paste. It is generally recommended for wear surfaces and rust on semi-automatic pistol rails and triggers.

The advantage of using grease is that it has better resistance to extreme conditions. Other than that, there is no other advantage of using grease.

If you live in extreme conditions, maybe greasing your gun is the better option. Especially if you’re in a hot climate. Grease will work fine while oil can vaporize and be ineffective due to the extreme heat.


Oil is a low viscosity liquid and is also a lubricant. Oil is commonly regarded as the best all-around option for lubrication. Oil can lubricate all types of gun parts whether it be pistols, rifles, or shotguns.

Personally, gun oil is best for minor gun damages or regular maintenance. They do a great job at cleaning and applying for protection. They also don’t leave any mess after cleaning.

If your gun has serious wear and rust, you’re better off using grease than oil. Grease is much more effective at repairing this type of damage. For regular use, gun oils are the best and cheapest.

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Related Questions

What Parts of a Gun Should You Oil?

The three main parts of a gun you should oil are the slide, the barrel, and the frame and its parts and mechanisms. These parts are crucial for the function of your gun. These areas have multiple spots to lubricate and make sure you spread the lubrication evenly.

Is Gun Lube and Gun Oil the Same?

Gun lube and gun oil both work as lubricants for firearms. Most gun owners use either gun lube or gun oil and find it works the same. The difference between gun lube and gun oil is their viscosity. Gun lube is thicker while gun oil is thinner.


Greasing your gun or oiling it depends on your personal preference. Oil is much more well-rounded and can almost be used anywhere. Grease on the other hand is effective for wear and tear and extreme climates.

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