Do You Need a Gun Permit to Shoot at a Gun Range in Delaware?

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People own firearms for different reasons, some for personal defense and others for engaging in shooting sports. Although gun ownership is widely accepted in the United States, only responsible individuals should be allowed to handle guns to avoid unfortunate cases of irresponsible shootings such as those that have bombarded my screens lately.

Gun ranges offer spaces to shoot in a secure and safe environment without being a danger to anyone.

Do You Need a Gun Permit to Shoot at a Gun Range in Delaware?

No, you do not need a permit to shoot at a gun because there are no restrictions to purchasing firearms in Delaware, including handguns, rifles, or shotguns. However, it should be known that the law only allows you to purchase rifles and shotguns upon reaching 18 years, and 21 years for handguns.

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Delaware State is actually the 5th easiest state to purchase a firearm.

The Open Carry Law in Delaware

Being an open carry state means that you can freely purchase your firearms, and openly carry your firearm without a permit in Delaware. But you must have met the required age of 18 years to do so. It has to be noted that only shotguns, rifles, handguns, and long-barrel firearms are allowed for open carry; assault weapons are not allowed.

In fact, buying, selling, transferring, or possessing a machine gun or a semi-automatic firearm in Delaware will get you persecuted as a felon.

Machine guns and related weapons are only a reserve for research or experimental purposes and therefore can’t be used in a gun range. Only the members of the United States Armed Forces such as the Navy Seals, and law enforcement are allowed to possess assault weapons.

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Legal Areas for Open Carry

Open carry in restaurants and bars is allowed as long as you are not under the influence of alcohol, or the owners of these facilities do not prohibit it. For open carry in your vehicle, perhaps when going to a gun range, the firearm must be taken out of your gun cases, and always be in plain view on the dashboard or car seat.

If you wish, you may also open carry in rest areas or along roadsides. If no signage prohibits it, you can also open carry in parks, state and national forests, and wildlife areas. Places of worship also accommodate open carry, except when prohibited to do so.

Places Where Open Carry is Prohibited in Delaware

There are specific areas that Delaware prohibits firearms possession. Therefore, no open carry is allowed. To remain in good books with the state, refrain from firearm possession or open carry in property or buildings used by learning institutions such as colleges or universities.

It is against the law to open carry in athletic fields or stadiums during sporting events in counties or private organizations. Open carry in prisons, jails, detention, or correctional facilities and places forbidden by federal gun laws at your own risk.

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Persons Restricted From Firearm Possession

Concealed carry of guns is only permitted for their residents, but not every Delaware resident is allowed to bear a firearm. Forget about gun ownership if you fall into any of these categories.

  • Patients of mental institutions
  • You have been convicted of domestic violence
  • A convicted felony
  • Drug abusers
  • Convict for misdemeanor crime related to felony
  • You are subject to family protection law in the state
  • You are subject to a protection order from the threat of any form

Final Thoughts

The Delaware State constitution provides for the right to own firearms for self, family, and state defense and recreational purposes such as target shooting in a Delaware gun range. If you legally own a gun, you can shoot at a gun range near you without a permit.

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