Best 308 Reloading Dies [2024 Review]

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Reloading dies are essential for reloading your firearms. If you use low-quality reloading dies, you might end up with inconsistent and inaccurate dies. It will lead to issues like feeding and jamming. That’s why I picked out the best 308 reloading dies for you to avoid these issues.

My Top 308 Reloading Dies Reviews

308 reloading dies are specifically used for .308 caliber ammunition. If you use it for other caliber specifications, you may end up with malfunctions and inaccuracy. I narrowed down your choices as getting the right caliber 308 reloading dies can be difficult.

These are some of the best 308 reloading dies you can find online.

Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die

The Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die is an excellent option for 308 reloading dies. It’s a universal bullet seating die so you can use it in certain types of calibers. You can have your reloading die ready if you happen to need it for a different caliber.

This universal reloading dies set includes a Master die body. It has a built-in micrometer that is of a competition-level accuracy. Precision target shooters participating in competitions use a micrometer die. However, they’re a lot expensive so most ordinary gun owners don’t use them.

This is one of the reasons why this reloading dies is the best overall. A built-in micrometer will definitely increase the accuracy of your reloads.

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The Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die also comes with the following:

  • 9 bullet alignment sleeves
  • 3 CLD bullet seating stems
  • Molded storage case

Since this is a universal bullet seating die, you can use it for other calibers and not just for .308.

If you compare it to other reloading dies out there, you will only get a simple set or maybe even 1 piece of reloading die. The Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die has a lot of essential tools that no other universal dies have compiled in a set for reloading.

Overall, this universal reloading dies is the best for 308 reloading dies. It has all the necessary equipment that most universal reloading dies don’t have. You also get a molded storage case to keep it protected.


  • Contains built-in micrometer
  • Universal reloading dies so you can use it for other calibers
  • Includes a molded storage case


  • Seating stems are a bit rough
  • It may not be consistent because it works for many calibers

RCBS Full Length Die Set

The RCBS Full Length Die Set provides reasonable amount like no other 308 reloading dies do. This reloading die is made of high-quality hardened steel. It is reamed and precision-drilled to ensure you get quality reloading dies.

The full-length size die is for bottleneck cases. It has vents to avoid damage to the cases.

Additionally, the full-length die sizes the body of the case for the next firing. It uses an expander ball to pass through the neck of the brass. It allows you to correct neck tension and even allows you to bump the brass of the shoulder back if needed.

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This full-length die set also comes with large and easy to adjust hex lock rings that use hex head setscrews.

What sets apart the RCBS full-length die set from other 308 reloading dies is its locking screw on the side of the locking washer. This locking screw will keep your die in place and prevents any movement.

Moving dies is usually an issue in reloading so having one that can restrict unnecessary movements as this reloading dies has made the work easier.

However, this reloading die set does not come with a shell holder. You have to buy it separately for your gun’s specific caliber.

Some people also notice that the seating die leaves rings on LD-X bullets in compressed loads.


  • Has vents to avoid damaging cases
  • Comes with hex head set screws
  • Locking screw for stability


  • Needs regular lubrication for longevity
  • The seating die may leave rings on the bullet in compressed loads

RCBS Neck Resizing Die

If you want to go for affordable and want something that effectively works, the RCBS Neck Resizing Die is a great option.

The RCBS Neck Resizing Die features an Expander-Decapping Unit. It resizes the case neck only while not touching the shoulder and body and de-primes.

This reloading die makes die adjustment easier. You won’t have to worry about bashed knuckles or fumbling with adjustable wrenches. You can use these reloading dies with the Die lock-ring wrench to enhance effectiveness.

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It is made of high-quality steel and because it’s made by RCBS, the quality of the product is really good. The steel is processed through precision-drilled, rearmed, polished and hand-inspected twice before it goes out to the factory.

The most important thing about the reloading process is the quality of the reloading dies. Among the affordable 308 reloading dies options you have, the RCBS neck resizing die is one of the most reliable reloading dies you can have.

If you compare this to the RCBS full-length die set, there’s not much difference. Compared to the RCBS full-length die set, this one doesn’t have stabilizers or locking mechanisms to keep your reloading dies in place.

The RCBS Neck Resizing Die also comes in a set. However, some people reported not getting a set. It may only contain the neck sizer and not the seating die. Make sure you clarify this with the seller before buying.

Overall, this reloading die is a great reasonable option. The steel used is top-notch in durability.


  • Affordable yet great in quality
  • The steel is excellent and durable
  • High-quality reloading dies


  • Resizes only the neck portion
  • It may only contain the neck sizer die and not the set

Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set

If you want the best in terms of durability, the Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set is the best choice.

This set includes an easy access die box, seating die, and a full-length size die. It also comes in a zip spindle design and the sure lock rings have wrench flats. All these components are durable and made with high-quality materials.

The Hornady Custom Grade Reloading Dies is so durable it can provide you with almost a lifetime of reloading.

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The zip spindle feature includes a series of light threads that cut on the spindle collet. It eliminates spindle slippage. It also makes it easier to tighten the spindle lock and spindle adjustments.

This reloading dies set can be used for both single-stage and progressive reloading. It’s one of the best versatile dies sets you can have.

You can even use this on RCBS, Redding, and Lyman Dies as they have the same thread. However, it’s not a sure thing for every caliber. I recommend sticking to all Hornady when reloading.

Compared to other reloading dies in its range, this one is easier to adjust, has a better alignment, and functions more smoothly.

It has one of the finest internal finishes compared to other 308 reloading dies. The steel is crafted excellently and is of high-quality that it will rarely break or wear out from normal use.

You can almost compare this to the Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die. However, the Frankford Arsenal is better on versatility since it’s a universal bullet seating die.


  • Durability can achieve lifetime reloading
  • Zip spindle design
  • Versatile and suitable for single stage and progressive reloading


  • A whole set of dies is required for reloading
  • Risky to work for other calibers

Features to Consider for 308 Reloading Dies

Gun owners should be extra careful when buying reloading dies, especially for specific calibers. If you buy the wrong reloading die for your gun, you can’t use it precisely.

It may even lead to faulty ammunition that can hurt you or others because of its wrong assembly. Hence, you should always make sure to go over the details of reloading dies.

Woman reloading a rifle

To help you match with the right 308 reloading dies, here are some features that you have to consider before choosing one.


There are things you have to check if you want to know the quality of the .308 reloading dies you’re interested in. They should be effective at:

  • Decapping
  • Resizing and expanding the case mouth
  • Bullet seating
  • Crimping

If the 308 reloading dies are very good at all these aspects, then it is a high-quality product that you should consider.

The Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die is no doubt the best if I’m talking about quality. It has all the things you need for reloading in a set.


You want your reloading dies to be tough so they can take any hard well-molded case and resize it easily. If the 308 reloading dies aren’t durable enough, they might 

Make sure that the decapping pin is also sturdy. It should be able to hold up for long hours without chipping, bending, breaking, or getting stuck.

The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set has some of the best steel materials. Its design is also well-made and has the best durability and quality on this list.

Number of Dies

Reloading dies come in different sets. Some can hold only one, and others hold two, three, up until four for a set. Reloading generally relies on the type of cases being used. Therefore, it is important that you know what particular sets would be useful for you.

For reloading bottleneck cases, a 2 die set is best for the job. If you’re going to reload straight cases, a 3 die set is the optimal choice. If you’re looking for specialized dies, then go for 4 set dies which usually contain special dies like bump or hand die.

This comes down to preference, and if you want one that accommodates all, the Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die is the obvious choice since it has all you need.


308 reloading dies are usually made with either carbide or steel. Both materials are suitable for certain guns.

Carbide reloading dies for rifles are generally more expensive compared to their steel counterpart. Some people prefer using carbide reloading dies since it doesn’t require lube while reloading. However, that’s only the case for pistol rounds and not for rifles.

For .308 rifle cartridges, you want to use lube even if you’re using carbide reloading dies. The main reason for this is to avoid hurting your shoulder and the cartridges don’t get stuck. Some like to use lube spray instead of lube which works the same as lube.

Neck Resizing Dies

If you’re choosing a neck resizing die, you aren’t changing the size of the brass body. Instead, you will only be adjusting the neck of the shell.

This is a great option if you want to reuse the shells multiple times. The accuracy also improves because the cartridges were formed by firing to fit your rifle perfectly.

Full-Resizing Dies

If you’re going for full-resizing dies, you want to create rounds that work in any rifle. However, there’s a downside to this process. It shortens the lifespan of the case you’re reloading.

If you’re going for this, there are small base full-length sizing dies that are used with semi-automatic rifles. The smaller base gives extra compression to the brass. It ensures that the case is properly extracted from the firearm.

The RCBS Full-Length Die Set is a great option if you’re going for full-resizing dies.

Types of Reloading Dies

There are many types of reloading des. You should know the different types to know what each reloading dies are used for especially if they come in a set.

  • Resizing/Depriming dies: These are used for resizing dies to adjust the size of the case. It has two subcategories that are mentioned above, full-resizing and neck resizing.
  • Case Trimming Die: These help you to quickly and accurately trim the length of your brass.
  • Powder-through expanding die: Generally used after the resizing and trimming dies. It expands the mouth of the case and drops the powder inside through the hollow expander.
  • Bullet seating die: The bullet seating die seats the bullet snugly into the loaded cartridge.
  • Factory crimp die: These crimp your rounds the same way as factory ammunition. It has a crimping “collar” inside which helps keep the bullet in place. It seals the round to protect the powder.

How Many Times Can You Reload 308?

You should be able to reload 10 to 15 times using full-length reloading dies. Make sure you don’t bump the shoulders back too much.

The more times you do reloading, the better you will get at it. Reloading is a fun hobby on its own. Most gun enthusiasts do reloading because they enjoy doing it by themselves.


308 reloading dies that I listed are some of the best you can find. They are high-quality dies that will give you long-term service. It’s better to invest in a high-quality die set that can last for a lifetime and you’ll save in the long run.

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