Can You Shoot on Your Property in West Virginia?

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Constant target practice allows you to master shooting of your firearm. While you can do this at a shooting range, you may want to have extended practice on your own property. You should therefore find out if the laws in your locality allow this.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in West Virginia?

Yes, the law allows you to shoot your firearm within your property in West Virginia. However, many city limits do not allow the discharge of firearms unless within the confines of designated shooting ranges.

If you live within the city limits of any city in West Virginia, you should find out the provisions of the local authorities.

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The law allows you to discharge your firearm within your property in the radius of 500 feet from any house that you may own. You also require the consent of other people living in the said property. Shooting of firearms should also not be near a public road nor within 500 feet of a neighboring property’s dwelling.

When on your own property, you can hunt. The law does not require a license if you are hunting within your own property.

You are also exempted from wearing an orange fluorescent outer jacket while hunting. The law is therefore very accommodating of property owners that want to use firearms on their property.

The top four things to remember during target practice in your property are:

  • Create a designated place where you can carry out target practice. Have the area secluded from other people and create an appropriate backstop where necessary to protect other people, livestock or pets from flying projectiles. Safety should be the first consideration when doing target practice at home.
  • Have safe targets. You can buy targets from gun shops that you can use on your makeshift target practice area. If you are improvising, ensure that you do not use a material that could cause the bullet to ricochet or bounce back as this may cause harm to you or other people nearby.
  • Ensure that you stand a safe distance from the target. Calculate the weapon range and ensure the space between you and the target covers this safe distance. This protects you from the bullets that may fly back towards where you are standing. Ensure you always wear earmuffs on while target shooting.
  • You should also consider the direction of the wind. It should blow away from you as it will drive off the discharge gun powder that may be harmful when inhaled. Shooting ranges require adequate air conditioning to draw away the gun powder that can cause you harm.
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Target Practice on Your Property

Shooting your firearm for target practice is beneficial to you in many ways. Apart from sharpening your shooting skills, you get adequate time for this practice. You are not under dictated rules that might affect your time practicing. Target practicing on your property allows you to give the activity all your attention without distraction.

If you live far from the nearest range, you do not have to go all that way to practice your shooting skills. This convenient option removes the need of using public shooting ranges, thus saving you money.

You can improvise the target you use as mentioned, but you should use safe material. Remember to let other people know where and when you carry out your shooting practice.


Target practice in your property gives you ample time to sharpen your shooting skills. However, it needs to be within the confines of the law to give you peace of mind. You should make sure you are not close to buildings to prevent shooting accidents.

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