Can You Shoot on Your Property in Arkansas?

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By constantly target shooting, you gain adequate practice for safe and effective use of firearms. Shooting your firearm in practice at the right place minimizes the risk of injury to self as well as to others. Responsible target practice will also protect property from damage.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Arkansas?

No, you can’t shoot on your Arkansas property. This is because it goes against state gun laws that limit target practice to public and private shooting ranges that are authorized by the relevant authorities.

man shooting at a target paper in a shooting range

Therefore, you should ensure that you only use such designated areas to carry out your target practice. The reason behind this is foremost ensuring that no accidental shooting takes place as stray bullets may injure other people in the vicinity of your shooting. You can identify shooting ranges within the area where you live for convenient access.

Designated Shooting Ranges

The top four things you need to note on why you should designated shooting ranges:

  • These areas have the proper facilities to ensure safe discharge of weapons. Here, you can access proper targets and you will not have to improvise with objects such as glass bottles that can release shrapnel and injure you or others nearby. You also have adequate ear protection to protect yourself and those in the area from hearing loss.
  • The facilities have professionals on duty to supervise use of the range. This gives adequate confidence of a safe environment where trained personnel set and enforce rules. The risk of accidental shootings in the range therefore is at a low risk of happening.
  • At shooting ranges, you have a chance to improve your skills better than when you do it by yourself at unsanctioned shooting areas. You will get access to training that equips you with skills to effectively use your firearm, thus allowing you to handle yourself confidently in any situation where you may have to use your firearm.
  • Public and private shooting ranges require a review from the police department and approval from a public safety committee. Using these ranges assures you that they are in compliance with the requirements of the local authorities.
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Types of Guns You Can Shoot at Arkansas Gun Ranges

Arkansas does not have a limit as to the type of guns that a person can own. However, you may face restrictions depending on the rules and regulations that the shooting range you use has. Some shooting ranges allow the use of all types of caliber weapons while others may not. The restrictions may also be on the type of caliber bullets in use.

You should therefore check with the shooting range personnel on the types of weapons that you can shoot at the range. The facilities that the shooting range you use may not support the use of high caliber weapons as this may require specific facilities that support the speed and range that such bullets fire.

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Concealed Weapons Permits in Arkansas

Arkansas is a permit-less carry state, which means that you are allowed to own and carry a firearm. You do not require a permit to shoot at a gun range or as you move around with your firearm within this state.

This liberty applies to everyone legally permitted to carry a firearm. State gun laws allow everyone over the age of 18 years to possess a firearm. However, you should not be a convicted felon or fall under the category of prohibited people in line with state and federal laws.


You should ensure that you only shoot your firearm at designated shooting ranges in Arkansas. This way, you ensure the safety of your neighbors and other people in the vicinity of your property.

Projectiles will also not cause any undue damage to objects or even pets around. Shooting ranges provide the best environment to ensure the safe practice of firearm shooting.

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