KeepGunsSafe Acquires GunSafeDatabase.com

KeepGunsSafe, the leader in online firearm resources, has acquired GunSafeDatabase.com. With such similar audiences, KeepGunsSafe saw an opportunity to provide additional resources for its readers through an acquisition. The official acquisition date is September 15, 2021.

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GunSafeDatabase.com has been the leading authority on all information about gun safes. The website contains in-depth reviews and comparisons of the best gun safe products in the industry. Since the company’s creation, founders Mike D and Linda Sills have managed to provide a number of comprehensive guides about gun safe manufacturers, products, technology, accessories, prices, and performance information.

KeepGunsSafe.com has been the go-to resource when it comes to providing information to gun enthusiasts about how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure. Adding the #1 resource for gun safe reviews will give KeepGunSafe.com more legitimate content to share. 

Currently, KeepGunsSafe.com provides a strong platform for gun safes and their importance in overall firearm safety. They are a leading resource for gun vises, gun oil, match results, gun championship information, and other essential firearm and ammo products.

GunSafeDatabase brings a plethora of helpful guides, such as:

James Forrester, Founder and Editor of KeepGunsSafe.com, said “We are excited about the acquisition of GunSafeDatabase.com. We look forward to continuing our mission of educating our audience about proper gun storage.”

With this acquisition, KeepGunsSafe.com has become one of the main players in the gun and pistol resource category. The company has absorbed all content and resources, and will expand on the already large platform that GunSafeDatabase.com has created. This will serve as the landing page for previous GunSafeDatabase.com content. Any questions about the acquisition details should be directed to KeepGunsSafe.com.