Do Pellet Guns Make Noise?

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More often than not, people are afraid of buying pellet guns because they are afraid that the neighbors might complain about loud noises. When pests are becoming a problem in the backyard, you need a pellet gun. So I’ll answer the question, do pellet guns make noise?

Do Pellet Guns Make Noise?

Air guns do make noise. The noise they make is generally between 74 to 90 decibels. Most of the noise comes from the compressed air pushed quickly out of the gun. There are some models of pellet guns that are quieter than the general average.

There are factors that can contribute to the loudness of your pellet gun. In this article, I’ll go further on what makes your pellet gun loud and how you can reduce its noise.

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Are Pellet Guns Quieter Than a Regular Gun?

The nature at which pellet guns and regular guns make noise is different. Pellet guns make noise because of compressed air while regular guns make noise. Regular guns make noise because of a chemical reaction. 

Naturally, pellet guns are “quieter” than regular guns. However, pellet guns can still be considered loud. Your neighbors will hear it as a cracking sound most of the time.

The sound pellet guns make is slightly louder than a normal conversation between two people or a phone ringing. Nevertheless, it can draw a reaction from neighbors thinking there is a fellon with a gun since it’s not a sound you usually hear. 

What Can Make Pellet Guns Loud?

There are different things that can make pellet guns loud. Some of these you can control. If your neighbor is complaining about you making noise, you might want to change things up.

Air Pressure

As explained earlier, the noise pellet guns make is because of the compressed air suddenly being released. In most applications of science, compressed air will always make noise.

Lowering the air pressure so your pellet gun makes less noise is a bad idea. It reduces the effectiveness of your pellet gun. Therefore, consider adjusting the air pressure of the pellet gun if you’re out of options.

Pellet Traveling Speed

The pellet traveling also makes a noise. It sometimes even creates a sonic boom (not a loud one). So the speed at which the pellet travels also affects the sound your pellet gun makes.

It’s not something you can control unless you’re buying a new pellet gun. Choose a pellet gun with less air pressure and pellet speed.

Ingredients in Cleaning Products

If you use cleaning products on your pellet gun, make sure you know the ingredients in it. Some of the ingredients might cause your pellet gun to make louder noise. You should avoid ingredients like:

  • Lubricant with petroleum
  • Gasoline
  • Alcohol

Basically, anything that is flammable should be avoided. Small detonations may even occur (only small scale though). Should you happen to apply any flammable ingredient to your pellet gun, make sure to dry it or cleanse it.

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How to Reduce the Noise Pellet Gun Makes?

  • Buy a muzzle brake or silencer. It cuts down compressed air to make less noise. Some pellet gun users say the effect of a silencer isn’t that significant.
  • Shooting many times until the lubricant is cleared off. This may take more than 70 shots. Your neighbors could well be knocking on your door.

Related Questions

Do They Make Silencers for Pellet Guns?

Yes, some manufacturers do make silencers for pellet guns. It can sometimes lessen the recoil too. Some silencers can reduce sound up to more than 40 decibels. This cuts down the average pellet gun noise in half.

How Loud Is a CO2 Pellet Gun?

A CO2 pellet gun loudness is comparable to a hand clap. While it may not be loud. The sudden noise could frighten your neighbors and still raise some complaints.


Pellet guns do make noise. However, there are things that you can do to reduce the noise level. The noise should be manageable enough so your neighbors won’t complain.

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