Can You Shoot on Your Property in Nebraska?

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The state of Nebraska upholds the safety of its residents, especially when they are in what is supposed to be a safe haven, their home. With Nebraska being one of the open carry states in the United States, castle doctrine is a legally acceptable word here.

Although the law humanely requires you to retreat if safe to do so, it also allows you to use deadly force to defend yourself and your property, hence the term ‘Castle Doctrine’ state of Nebraska. Castle doctrine means that you have the right to protect your home and property from invaders, intruders, or any other kind of threat.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Nebraska?

According to the state’s gun laws, a person has the right to defend themselves if their home or property is attacked. So, according to Nebraska law, you can shoot on your property.

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So, if you are in the comfort of your home or property and an intruder shows up threatening your life, you have every right to defend yourself. You also have the right to use deadly force if you have reason to believe that someone you should be protecting is in serious danger.

It is also justifiable to use deadly force to prevent any unlawful entry to your property or land. In a different scenario, where an invader has no claims or right to a property that you are expected to be protecting, then you can use deadly force to dismiss the trespasser.

Is It Legal to Carry a Gun in Your Car in Nebraska?

Yes, Nebraska is an open carry state, so it is legal to be in possession of a loaded handgun in the state. Unlike other states where you have to acquire a permit to have a gun in your car, you do not require a permit in Nebraska as long as the weapon is in plain sight.

Are Children Allowed to Carry Guns in Nebraska?

No, this might be an open carry state but it is illegal for children to be in possession of weapons or be involved in transportation of such weapons. You have to be at least 18 years old to legally carry a firearm in Nebraska.

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Can You Own a Gun With a Criminal Record in Nebraska?

Just like most states in the United States, you are prohibited from owning, being in possession of or transporting a firearm if you have ever been convicted of a felony. You are also not allowed to own a gun if you are on probation following a deferred verdict.

The restrictions do not end there! Being convicted of a misdemeanor involving crimes related to violence will also rob you of the right to own a gun in Nebraska. And you will also not be allowed to own a gun if you are a fugitive.

To ensure that such felons and lawbreakers are not in possession of any firearms, every handgun purchaser must undergo a thorough background check in Nebraska.

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Are Guns Legal Hunting Weapons in Nebraska?

Yes, guns are legal hunting weapons in Nebraska as long you understand what is established as lawful and unlawful hunting in the state. To begin with, you have to understand that hunting laws vary from one state to another. If you are new to Nebraska, some state laws from your previous state of residence may not apply here.

That said, here are some Nebraska hunting laws that you should be aware of and adhere to:

  • Obtain a valid hunting license.
  • Acquire a certified hunting guidebook.
  • Have all necessary habitat stamps.
  • Observe the shooting hours as per the hunting guide.


As an armed resident of Nebraska, you already know that guns are lethal weapons. If handled carelessly, they may lead to serious harm and perhaps take a life or two. It is therefore your personal responsibility to remember how to safely handle firearms to avoid endangering the people around you.

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