Can You Shoot on Your Property in Michigan?

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In order to get better at shooting, you need ample time to practice. Time at a shooting range may not be enough as there are other people there as well who are interested in shooting.

If you live in a state that allows you to shoot within your property, you may be able to get a little more practice. You can freely work on perfecting you aim and even stance to prevent any injuries.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Michigan?

Yes, you can shoot on your property in Michigan because there are no state laws restricting the same. The specifications differ depending on the restrictions put in place by local authorities in the area.

According to an article by Aggressive Criminal Defense, the law only prohibits you from firing a weapon in a place where there aren’t enough guards to keep people from getting hurt. This means that you have you be extra careful when shooting to ensure that it all goes well.

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The top three things to pay attention to are:

  • Self-defense
  • Target shooting
  • Permits

Self Defense

One instance in which you may need some guidance when shooting on your property is when it comes to self-defense. Michigan has both stand your ground laws and castle doctrines in place. However, unlike in other states, these laws are designed to protect people and not necessarily property. The force used needs to be proportional to the threat.

You also need to have a good reason to believe that somebody is breaking and entering. You have to ensure that you can prove this in court should the intruder get hurt.

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You also need to look at the instances in which the laws do not apply, such as the removal of a person from the residence by their caregiver. According to an article by Criminal Defense Law Centre, deadly force is only allowed in cases of threatened bodily harm leading to rape or death.

Target Shooting

In Michigan, it is safer to practice target shooting than any other kind of shooting on your property. This is because you are less likely to injure anyone while shooting at stationary targets.

However, whether you can shoot within city limits or not depends on the city that you are in. Owing to the fact that the state has no particular laws on shooting on private property, some cities may have their own regulations.

It is important to get this information from the authorities first. Some areas allow you to practice shooting provided its on a property outside the city and at least four hundred and fifty feet from any dwellings. Hunting is also allowed but you need to make sure you follow the area rules.

If you desire to practice target shooting in a secure environment, there are also available shooting ranges in Michigan.

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Since there are no specific state laws on shooting on private property, you may not need any permits unless restrictions have been put in place by city authorities. When it comes to permits, you have to ensure that your firearm licenses are valid and still up to date. Using a firearm whose license has expired or has been revoked is illegal.

If you are hunting on your own land but the deer veers off into the neighbor’s property, you need to ask permission to pursue the animal. If you are hosting others to hunt or shoot on your land, they must also have your permission.


In order for you to shoot peacefully on your property in Michigan, you need to make sure that you follow all the rules that have been put in place. Ensure that you are keeping those around you safe so that you don’t end up being charged with a felony and no one gets hurt.

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