Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wyoming?

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Hunting season provides an exciting time for any firearm owner. It provides a great way to put to practice all the shooting skills you acquired in the firing range. Knowing the laws that govern shooting on your property enables you to do so in a legal manner.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wyoming?

Yes, you can shoot your firearm on your property in Wyoming.

If the said property is within the city limits, you can target practice as long as you have the approved backstop that is adequate to contain the flying projectiles. You also need to be at least 500 feet from the nearest building on the neighboring property.

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If your property is outside the city limit, the law still applies and you should not shoot your weapon if a building on the neighboring property is less than 500 feet away from your property.

This protects people in the adjacent property from flying bullets. It also protects their livestock, pets and property.

Hunting on your property is permissible by the state law. However, you need to remain within the confines of your property and get the required hunting permits.

Remember to give written permission to any hunters you may want on your property. If your permission is oral, be readily available to affirm this to the authorities should the need arise.

Shooting and Hunting on Your Property

Things to remember during hunting in your property:

  • Put up clear signs that warn people of hunting going on around your property. Any outsider passing through your property will therefore be aware of this activity and take precautions to keep safe. Hunting is a stealth sport and you may not be able to call out a warning should they come between the bullet you dispatch and the hunted animal.
  • Firearm safety should be practiced at all times. If you are hunting with others, you should not point your loaded weapon at them for any reason.
  • Always carry the firearm holstered and for rifles with the muzzle facing down at all times. You should only place your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot.
  • Firearm safety is not only for safeguarding others; it is also for the safety of the shooter. With the gun muzzle facing down, you can easily injure yourself through accidental shooting.
  • You should keep the safety on at all times. Using protective gear such as ear muffs when shooting will prevent hearing loss.
  • The law forbids shooting across from your property through the next property to the other. You should therefore get across the middle property in order to shoot in the third property. At all times, remember to get necessary permissions when shooting on property that is not your own.
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Hunting License for Shooting on Private Property

In Wyoming, you require a hunting permit to hunt on your property. You can get this from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department with the state offering different hunting licenses that include non-resident, resident, senior and veteran permits. Pick the right license that applies to your own situation.

This permit is available for hunters from the age of 12 years. You can only receive the permit after acquiring the Hunter Education Card by passing a hunter training course. This state-approved course equips you with safety skills and information on hunting.


Game hunting is a proven way to highlight your hunting skills. Whether you hunt small or large animals, you get satisfaction in overcoming challenges and being able to bring game meat home. Following the set laws ensures you can freely hunt on your property without any issues.

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