Best Gun Cleaning Mat [2024 Review]

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A firearms cleaning session can cause quite a mess especially if you’re using a solvent. If you don’t have a proper workplace, it could end up damaging your home furniture. While using an old towel can work, only the best gun cleaning mat can contain a solvent and help you keep your gun and your surroundings clean.

My Top Gun Cleaning Mat Reviews 

A gun cleaning mat is specifically made to handle firearm residue. They prevent leaks from CLPs and other oils that can go to your home furniture. Getting a gun cleaning mat will make your life easier when you clean your gun.

However, with so many products available, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why I’ve reviewed the top products on the market to help you find that better serve your needs.

Real Avid Smart Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat

The Real Avid Smart Mat is an excellent gun cleaning mat that comes in 2 different sizes. Its size options can accommodate rifles and pistols.

It uses a non-absorbent neoprene material. This material can bounce off any liquids or let the liquid sit on the surface not allowing it to permeate. It can resist oil and solvent.

The mat measures 19 by 16 inches which is just the right size for handguns (rifle size differs). You can easily roll it up when not in use and roll out whenever you need it for gun maintenance.

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The back of the mat is non-slip and sticks to any surface so you’re guaranteed it won’t move around when you do your gun maintenance.

The side has a plastic part magnetically attached and divided into sections. This gives you the option to store your tools and other gun components inside the mat. The magnet also makes sure that components don’t roll away.

This feature is really helpful as it prevents your gun components from getting lost while you are focused on cleaning your gun. It’s rare for other gun cleaning mats to have this feature which makes the Real Avid Smart Mat slightly better than most.

This gun cleaning mat also contains a diagram design that guides you step by step on how to disassemble your gun.

This gun cleaning mat is one of the most popular options in the market. It has over 700 reviews in Amazon with overwhelmingly positive ratings.

It’s almost too perfect so there’s bound to have a downside to it. While there is, it’s only a minor one. The gun cleaning mat doesn’t roll and feels flat on the surface as few consumers mentioned. It doesn’t really affect the performance and more of a preference problem.

Overall, the Real Avid Smart Mat is the best overall mat you can get right now. It’s durable, resistant to oil and CLP, and magnetic features to keep your components organized.

Product Highlights

  • Magnetic compartment secures easy to lose micro parts
  • Shock-absorbing protection for guns and table surfaces
  • Oil and solvent resistant

Real Avid Smart Mat

Gun Cleaning Mat by UsefulThingy

UsefulThingy has created a gun cleaning mat that is unique in its design. This Gun Cleaning Mat by UsefulThingy is designed specifically for Assault Rifles. It’s large enough to accommodate rifles with a dimension of 36 inches x 12 inches x 0.12 inches. It can even fit a shotgun if needed.

It consists of neoprene which will soak up any lubricants or oil that you’re going to use to clean your rifles. It feels sturdy and durable and can last you a long time.

The neoprene material used in this gun cleaning mat seems to be different compared to others. It absorbs liquid instead of repelling them as most neoprenes do. Oil, CLP’s, and solvent usually sit on top of the surface but this mat absorbs them.

This might be bad over time as it will accumulate a lot of oil and will produce a smell. However, a quick wash should wash away the oil and other liquids.

The gun cleaning mat is thick enough to prevent your rifles from scratching the table. The back is non-slip and oil resistant. It grips the surface easily and prevents the oil and other fluids from touching the surface of your workbench.

It’s also very portable as it rolls up easily for easy storage so you can bring it to the gun range if you want. It’s also not too thick that it becomes a hassle for storing. The thickness also doesn’t compromise its ability to prevent oil and other liquids from getting to your workbench.

What makes this cleaning mat stand out is that it has a detailed diagram of the AR 15 along with its full exploded parts and different systems. It also contains a brief history of the AR 15 on the cover of the mat.

Overall, this is a great cleaning mat for rifles especially for AR 15. It has a diagram of the AR 15 and it’s components so you can easily know how to clean your AR 15.

Product Highlights

  • Absorbent neoprene material
  • AR 15 diagram on the mat

Drymate Handgun/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad

Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad

While most gun cleaning mats seem to be for handguns and assault rifles, the Drymate Handgun/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad is better for shotgun owners. However, the mat is so large that it can also accommodate rifles and pistols.

This gun cleaning mat is one of the most talked-about cleaning mats recently. You might even have already heard about this gun cleaning mat from other firearms enthusiasts.

The Drymate is a shotgun cleaning mat that is 54 inches in length and 16 inches in width. This is more than enough length to cover for a shotgun. It can even cushion some of the longest rifles and shotguns.

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Despite its length, the design allows you to fold it into a small space for storage or if you want to use it as a gun cleaning mat for handguns and revolvers.

It consists of an absorbent top layer with a waterproof backup. It absorbs any spills, gun cleaning solutions, and oil, at the same time protects your workbench from liquids.

It has a soft front surface that ensures your gun will not be getting any scratches during your gun cleaning time.

You can get the Drymate cleaning pad in 3 different available options. There’s the combo pack which includes gun cleaning mats for both handgun and shotgun, a single gun cleaning mat for handgun, and a single gun cleaning mat for a shotgun.

Overall, this is a great quality gun cleaning mat. I love how the gun cleaning mat doesn’t contain any flashy images or texts that usually accompany gun cleaning mats to attract buyers.

While it’s simple-looking, the popularity it holds among avid gun owners can speak on how effective this gun cleaning mat is.

Product Highlights

  • Simple looking
  • One of the largest gun cleaning mat
  • 3 options (combo, handgun, shotgun)
  • Absorbs oil and spills

Drymate Handgun/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad

Real Avid Universal Smart Mat

Real Avid Universal Smart Mat

The Real Avid Universal Smart Mat is also one of the largest gun mats you will find in the market today. Its dimension is an impressive 43 inches in length and 16 inches in width. This ensures you will get all the space you need for conveniently cleaning your guns except for the largest military surplus rifles.

This gun cleaning mat comes with a non-slip neoprene backing a waterproof cover. This combination provides you with the cushion of neoprene while at the same time have the water-resistance of silicone.

Oil or solvent that drops onto the mat can be easily cleaned by wiping it away using a gun cleaning rag.

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The mat is also fitted with a parts tray that is easily connected to the cleaning pad. This also allows you to keep track of your springs, pins, and other components that are easy to lose while you do your gun cleaning.

The parts tray is also magnetic so any metallic components are sure to stick on it. This magnetic parts tray really helps a lot with the organization of your tools and gun components during your gun cleaning.

The top surface of the Smart Mat is soft to the touch. It has a dense padded feel that keeps your guns from getting scratched or marred.

The non-slip surface on the back of the mat provides excellent grip and can grip most surfaces so the mat won’t easily move around during gun cleaning.

While there’s really not much negative to say about this gun cleaning mat, if I have to say one, it would be the lack of screen print on the mat’s surface.

Overall, this is a really great universal gun cleaning mat. The magnetic parts tray is just too good of a feature that comes with this gun cleaning mat. The size is enough to accommodate most firearms you can get and that’s why this is the best universal gun cleaning mat.

Product Highlights

  • Parts keeper tray keeps all components organized
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Magnetic small parts section
  • Non-slip backing

Real Avid Universal Smart Mat

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

One thing about this gun cleaning mat is that it’s also great for AR 15. The Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat is a great gun cleaning mat. 

It features a waterproofed smooth black polyester top that covers a natural tree rubber back for a solid, waterproof, non-slip mat. The white heat transfer printing also prevents smearing.

The mat has two size option with the larger one having dimensions of 36 inches by 16 inches. This size is great to accommodate most firearms in the market. It should also give you enough space to lay down some tools and separate components.

This gun cleaning mat consists of professional-grade materials with stitched edges to help hold the mat together. This makes the gun cleaning mat durable and last longer.

The top has waterproof material while the bottom is non-slip. It also features a design on the mat that is a diagram of a AR 15 and also its parts and components.

While diagrams are common now in gun cleaning mats, the one on this gun cleaning mat has the name right next to its corresponding part. This makes it easier and skips the process of you cross-referencing a specific number with a specific part.

It also comes with a separate magnetic tray where you can place the parts and components of a gun during gun cleaning. This keeps your gun cleaning experience neat and well-organized.

The downside of this gun cleaning mat is that the material type isn’t neoprene. Although it is almost identical to neoprene, it doesn’t compare to the real deal. It is also thin at ⅛ inch thick but it’s resistant to oil and solvent.

Most people have no problem with it even though it’s not too thick to endure some light hammering and heavy tasks. The separate magnetic tray keeps your tools and components well-organized, the size of the mat is great for almost every firearm, and the diagram helps with cleaning your AR 15. 

Product Highlights

  • Separate magnetic tray
  • Waterproof polyester top
  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • AR 15 diagram

Factors to Consider for Buying the Top Gun Cleaning Mat

Gun cleaning is an important routine if you’re a responsible owner of guns. This should be done on a regular basis to preserve the effectiveness of your firearms. There are various things that you need to have most importantly a gun cleaning kit.

While you could do away with using a gun cleaning mat, some of the top gun cleaning mats make cleaning a lot easier and faster. These are the things you need to consider if you’re planning to buy the right gun cleaning mat.

Parts of a handgun disassembled in a table

Gun Type

Gun cleaning mats often follow a design for a specific type of firearms. The 3 most common types are handguns, rifles, and shotgun.

Most gun cleaning mats have specified with which firearms you should use them. If you own multiple guns, then there are universal gun cleaning mats that can accommodate most gun cleaning mats.

The most common indicator for compatibility is the size of the gun cleaning mat. Smaller sized gun cleaning mats are usually used for handguns while larger ones are for rifles and shotguns.


The most common and trusted material you can get is neoprene. Mostly used by all gun cleaning mats because of its reliability and durability. You want your gun cleaning mat to last for years.

While other materials are also capable, there must be certain features that it can do effectively.

These are:

  • Resistant to oil and solvents
  • Easy to clean
  • Contains a non-slip backing for better grip
  • Resistant to chemicals

If the materials exhibit these features then it is sure to work well and will last you for a long time.

What’s a Gun Cleaning Mat?

A gun cleaning mat is a mat that is specifically designed to aid you with the cleaning process of guns. Guns need regular cleaning to keep them in good working condition. This process mostly is all about disassembling the weapon, cleaning, dusting, and lubricating each component separately before reassembling the weapon that will keep rusts and dirt off.

If you’re going to clean your gun, you will need a suitable space to place your guns out and its components. You also need to keep track of the tiny components and protect the surface of your workbench from spillages and splashes from the solvents and the chemicals that you will be using to clean your gun. The mat works to keep the dirt and residue while also keep things well organized.

Why Do I Need a Gun Cleaning Mat?

The majority of gun owners recommend using a gun cleaning mat. It just makes cleaning more organized and easier. These are some of the following reasons why you’ll need to have one:

  • To keep things organized: disassembling your gun will have some small components along with it. It can get confusing when you just place them wherever on the workbench. Gun cleaning mats help you keep track of these small components so you can clean your gun with ease.
  • Protect your workbench and furniture: gun cleaning involves oil and solvent. These chemicals can spill on your workbench and cause irreparable damage. Gun cleaning mats can help avoid that and protect your workbench.
  • Keep components and accessories: some gun cleaning mats have magnetic trays that you can use to place your small components. They are magnetic so they will stay in place and you won’t have to worry about you losing them.


Gun cleaning mats are great for every gun cleaning session. They keep your workplace clean and free from damage. It helps you get organized and provides you with a protective surface. The top gun cleaning mats have some features that make your gun cleaning experience easy and quick that’s why buying the right gun cleaning mat is a sign of a responsible gun owner.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.