Best Concrete Anchors for Gun Safe [2024 Review]

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Concrete anchors are the most common choice for securing a gun safe to the floor. The best concrete anchors for gun safes are not challenging to install. The average homeowner can install them in less than an hour.

If you have two people, they’ll complete this task in about 30 minutes.

My Top Gun Safe Concrete Anchors Available

Anchoring a gun safe to the ground is one of the best ways to secure it. However, not all materials are equal when it comes to securing a gun safe to the floor. There are many types of anchors available on the market today, and each has its pros and cons.

This article discusses three types of concrete anchors that will hold up most securely under different circumstances.

Toggler Combo Anchor Kit

The Toggler combo anchor kit has twenty self-drilling drywall anchors, ten plastic toggle anchors, four toggle bolts, and ten all-purpose anchors, along with matching screws for bolting gun safes to a concrete floor. Toggler caters to light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, with this selection of anchors.

This easy-to-use anchor kit provides everything you want for securing your gun-safe to the floor. It has 3/8″ anchor bolts that can stretch long inside concrete ensuring much better security and these heavy-duty anchors are also thick enough to penetrate any material with ease, even concrete.

This concrete anchor kit will have you saving on repairs and give a more professional look for that next job. Like the Glarks setting tool, it comes in many different sizes, so there is something perfect no matter how thick the concrete you want to use it on is.

Similar to the Klein Tools anchor kit, the Toggler anchor kit becomes weak and cannot perform its purpose after prolonged use.


  • Like the Glarks setting tool, it is efficient for any gun-safe job since it comes in various sizes.
  • Since this kit may also penetrate wood, it is the best anchor to use if you want to put your safe in an outside shed.


  • These anchors can be difficult to remove once installed.
  • These anchors are nonetheless susceptible to rust and moisture damage over time hence less durable.

Glarks Gun Wall Anchor Metal Setting Tool

The Glarks gun wall anchor metal setting tool is one of the best solutions that will secure your gun safe to the floor. This product is a high-quality massive anchor kit with many molly bolt hollow wall anchor screws which penetrate in concrete with ease.

Unlike the Toggler anchor kit, this kit comes with a heavy-duty gun and 18 molly bolts in five sizes: 4x32mm, 4x60mm, 5x52mm, 5x65mm, and 6x52mm, all packaged in a robust box for easy usage when bolting your gun safe to concrete.

Molly bolts consist of high-quality steel that resists rust and corrosion and is strong enough for concrete. It includes a heavy-duty gun for correctly placing cavity wall fixes into hollow stud walls, as well as open drive wall anchoring expansion for robust bearing capacity and safety of your gun safe.

You can use it in a hollow block, concrete, tile, drywall, and plaster, just as you would use the Toggler kit. Unfortunately, this anchor can be damaged by rust and moisture making it unreliable.


  • Unlike the Klein anchor kit, it is convenient for your use because it comes in various sizes.
  • They can be used on multiple surfaces other than concrete, including hollow block, tile, drywall, and plaster, allowing you to attach them to numerous surfaces.


  • These anchors are not as strong as they appear. They tend to wear out over time making them less durable.
  • Not suitable for all environments. They don’t perform perfectly in places of high humidity since they can be damaged by moisture.

Klein Tools Conical Anchor Kit

The Klein Tools conical anchor kit is the lightest concrete anchor for gun safes on my list. This kit has a hundred number 2 Phillips, ten 1-Inch screws, and a hundred conical anchors for connecting your gun safe to the floor.

Also included is a quarter-inch masonry drill bit that can drill in hard surfaces like concrete. Once you know the size of the anchor you’ll need to finish the installation, there’s no purpose in buying a kit that includes multiple bolt sizes.

As a result, Klein Tools gives you the option of selecting the adequate measure of the bolts you’ll require to secure your gun-safe to the floor.

Like the Glarks anchor, it’s designed to be used on drywall or masonry surfaces like concrete. A lightweight anchor fixes the screw in position.

Unlike the Toggler combo anchor kit, this conical anchor kit is less durable as it becomes less strong over time, and you cannot continue using it to connect gun safes to concrete.


  • Owing to enhanced stress from heavy-duty work equipment, these anchors will not fracture or break; you may use as much strength as you need for double the amount of security.
  • They are also easily accessible and won’t give you a hard time to replace if you need more.


  • Unlike the Glarks anchor, they aren’t very versatile because you can’t use them on wood or other surfaces.
  • These anchors still succumb to dampness and rust damage after a lengthy period.

CONFAST Stainless Steel Wedge

The CONFAST stainless steel wedge is a gun-safe anchor that works great in holding your gun safe in position. This stainless steel wedge is made out of 304 stainless steel material which has anti-corrosion and rust-resistant features.

This CONFAST stainless steel wedge is also known to withstand faster pressure during usage. The stainless steel wedge can vary in size and easily blends in submerged and wet environments which makes them great for concrete. This stainless steel wedge is only usable for concrete only.

Do note that these stainless steel wedge are exclusively for concrete use and anything outside of concrete does not have the same guarantee of effectiveness.

This stainless steel anchor is sized around 3 inches. It also comes with fitted size with a number of nuts and washers for easy installation. They also come fully assembled so the product will save you a lot of time.

This safe anchor even has a spin design on its center to help with the quick and easy installation.

Overall, this is a solid choice for concrete anchors for your gun safe for wet concrete and even damaged ones. They’re also extremely durable for long use.


  • Can hold the gun safe with enough tightness
  • Corrosive and rust resistant
  • Great in submerged and humid environments
  • Available in various sizes for convenient use


  • A bit on the exorbitant side
  • May not work well outside of concrete

Vestil AS-383-4PK Concrete Anchor Kit

The Vestil AS-383-4PK Concrete Anchor Kit is a great all around concrete anchor for your gun safe. It’s made out of composite materials like plated steel and zinc. These materials allow you to easily drive the nail into whatever flooring and that includes concrete.

Vestil Concrete Anchor Kit uses high quality materials and that translates to its effectiveness. These concrete anchor are lengthy and are fastened to the floor with premium security.

The plated steel and zinc are very tough and thick. The materials are highly resistant to rust and corrosion which makes them excellent for long term use and keeping your gun safe protected.

The concrete anchor kit is easy to assemble. The kit includes a concrete anchor, washer, a bolt and nut. They are affordable so getting more than one of the anchors is ideal.

The anchors can be screwed using only a few tools like a drill and a tough mallet. The application will only take minutes and you’re all set up.

The Vestil Concrete Anchor Kit is probably the most durable on this list thanks to its material construction.

Overall, this is an excellent anchor kit to have. The only problem I have is it only comes with one anchor so you have to buy multiple of these. However, it works easily and are very durable.


  • Zinc and steel plate materials make the anchor very durable and does not easily rust
  • Can comfortably go through most concrete floors thanks to its length and construction
  • Won’t have to worry about replacements because of how durable it is even when under increased stress


  • You have to buy more than one for bolting your gun safe
  • May be offered non-returnable or non-refundable

Features to Consider for Concrete Anchors for Gun Safes

After reading the reviews, you may have found it simple to select an appropriate anchor for the gun safe. However, if you keep a few key variables in mind, things will become much more manageable. These factors will make it easier to inspect the items thoroughly.

Toggler Anchor KitGlarks Anchor ToolKlein Anchor Kit
UsageWood, Drywall, Brick, Tile, Plaster, ConcreteDrywall, Plaster, Block, TileDrywall
Special featuresIncludes (20) self-drilling drywall anchors, (4) toggle bolts, (10) all-purpose anchors, and (10) plastic toggle anchorsOne heavy duty setting tool, molly bolts of different sizesIncludes (100) #2 Phillips, (10) 1” Screws, (100) Plastic Anchors
MaterialZinc alloy, Injection-molded nylonZinc plated, MetalAlloy steel

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is the first factor to look out for. Make sure the one you choose is simple to install; otherwise, correctly positioning the safes will be difficult. Also, double-check that the package has all necessary hardware, such as washers and other items.

If you purchase a product that does not include the essential hardware, you will need to purchase it separately. You might wish to try the Toggler anchor kit’s because of its simple installation procedure.

Concrete Anchors for gun safe

Construction Material

The majority of the units on the market will be made of steel. On the other hand, the steel grade will differ for each of the anchors. When it comes to durability, quality plays an important part.

The most durable ones are usually made of high-quality materials. So, when you’re looking through the listings, make sure to look at the steel grade. You will receive a product with a long lifespan if you choose the ones made of high-quality steel, like the Klein anchor kit.

And they’ll keep working for an extended period without causing any problems.


Besides the structural material, the coating will determine the overall durability. In general, equipment with a sufficient outer layer like the Klein anchor kit should withstand chipping. This equipment will not rapidly lose its durability, allowing them to live longer.


One of the most significant considerations is the size when purchasing one of these anchors. The anchor kits are usually available in a wide range of sizes. Like the Toggler anchor kit, some manufacturers may include a variety of anchor sizes in a single package.

And they will give the dimensions in terms of the anchor’s circumference.


Now is when the thickness of the safe’s bottom comes into play. Get concrete anchors that are twice as thick or thicker than the safe because they will go through it and dig deep into the floor below.

As a result, the setup will be relatively safe. The Glarks anchor kit has the perfect length you’ll need.

Concrete anchor kit for gun safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Safe in a Basement?

Yes, you can put a safe in a basement. However, before putting the safe down in a basement, it’s a good idea to put a rubber mat under it to protect the bottom of the safe from wetness.

What Is the Maximum Weight That a Concrete Anchor Bolt Can Support?

The maximum weight that a concrete anchor bolt can support is 200 lbs. These concrete anchor bolts, also known as wood bolt anchors, come in various sizes and hold up to 200 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, my reviews have been effective enough to help you select the best concrete anchors for your gun safe. Consider these products and features and anchor your safe to the floor so you can keep burglars from cracking it open and stealing the contents.

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