Best Modular Gun Safe [2024 Review]

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Let me ask you one question? Why do I need the modular safe when I already have conventional welded safes in the market? The answer is I can assemble the modular gun safes anywhere and also de-assemble them when I want to shift them from one place to another.

These modular units are not as secure as gun safes, but they are the best option when you are looking to carry them as they come in different pieces.

Traditional gun safes tend to be heavy due to their build quality, and modular gun safes are not as heavy as conventional gun safes. Modular gun safes are delivered in different pieces, and you have to assemble them one by one. So, it might take some time to fully ready the modular unit. After assembling, the unit becomes more secure and ready to store your firearms.

My top recommendation for the best modular gun safe is the SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe. Read on to learn more.

Best Modular Gun Safe

SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

Suppose you are looking for a safe that can be assembled in minutes easily without hard work and can store rifles and guns, check out the SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe. This unit is equipped with one-hour fire shield protection @2300 degree F with heat-activated fire seal doors.

The safe interior comes with multiple shelves, adjusted and removed according to your storage need. There is so much space inside the safe that you can also store other important items like jewelry, important documents, handguns, extra ammo, etc.

The manufacture claims that you can store 24 long guns with/without any scopes or accessory attach. But if any optics are attached, you can’t store multiple long guns inside the unit.

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In terms of security, the safe is made up of 9 gauge solid steel exterior walls with a sledgehammer and pry bar resistance having a 3/16” solid steel door that will prevent any forced entry. The manufacture has given a lot of attention to the security of a snap safe to protect the stored firearm.

The solid 8 (1-inch) steel locking bolts with a Spring-loaded re-locker give the SnapSafe more protection to stored firearms. The safe lock is UL certified, and there are no pre-drilled holes due to the fireproof feature.

The downside about this unit is it’s not made in the USA, so the quality is not properly known. However, the manufacture has provided a lifetime warranty and excellent customer support.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension33 x 14.5 x 53.5
External Dimension38 x 17.5 x 59
Weight550 Pounds
FireproofOne Hour Fire Shield Protection @ 2300 Degree F 
LockElectric Digital Keypad & Manual Key
  • 9 Gauge Solid Steel Construction
  • Adjustable And Removable Shelves
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Sledgehammer & Pry-Bar Resistant
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Heat Activated Fire Seal Door
  • No Interior Light
  • No Battery Included
  • Not Made In USA
  • The Thick Layer Steel Might Be Concern For Some Buyers

Stack-On Steel 8-Gun Cabinet

If you are looking for a modular safe which can easily store 8 long rifles (52″) at a reasonable value, then you can check out Stack-On Steel 8-Gun Cabinet. The safe has a 3 point locking system with a double-bitted key-coded lock that gives maximum protection for stored firearms.

The unit’s interior has a removable shelf that is used to store extra accessories above the shelf like money, passport, jewelry, handgun, or extra ammo, etc.

There is a patent barrel rest provided by the manufacturer to rest the rifle easily, which will hold the gun when you open the safe in a hurry. The Stack-On unit also has a foam-padded interior that will protect stored guns from any scratch or dents.

It does not have any interior lighting and also no advanced locking system to operate the safe. Also, the build quality is average that might not sustain against forced break-ins. But if you are comfortable with a manual locking system, this unit is the best fit for your rifles.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension10.06 x 16.88 x 52.5
External Dimension11.25 x 17 x 53
Weight51.4 Pounds
LockManual Key Lock
  • Store 8 Long Rifles
  • Light Weight
  • No Batteries Required To Operate
  • 3 Point Locking System With Double Bitted Key Coded Lock
  • Basic Safety Box With Basic Features
  • No Interior Light

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe is the best modular gun safe in terms of security, durability, and easy to assemble parts when it comes to modular safes. This unit is so light in weight that you can easily relocate the safe around your house or office. You can store up to 6 rifles with a scope or other accessories attached to them.

This unit comprises 9 gauge heavy-duty solid steel with a steel louvered panel, which makes it more protective against any force break-ins. The manufacture has provided pre-drilled holes (No mounting hardware is included) to mount the safe on the floor or wall for increased protection for your unit.

The unit’s interior comes with cradle grid technology that allows the owner to organize gear and firearms accordingly. Secure it comes with one door organizer to store a couple of pistols, handguns, etc. Also, there is so much space inside the unit to store other accessories inside the gun safe.

You can access the safe with an electric digital keypad and also through manual keys. To operate the safe through the digital way, you have to purchase the batteries as it is not included.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension19 3/4 x 13 x 51 3/4
External Dimension20 1/4 x 15 1/4 x 52
Weight105 Pounds
LockElectric Digital Keypad & Manual Key
  • Comes With Cradle Grid Technology
  • Stores 5-6 Guns With Accessories Attach To It
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • No Battery Included In This Range
  • Not Fireproof

SnapSafe Super Titan XL

The SnapSafe Super Titan XL can store 36 long guns and multiple handguns, also with some extra accessories. This safety box comes with almost all the protective features but high value.

This safe is built with 9 gauge 2-Ply solid exterior steel walls with pry-bar and sledgehammer resistance. The unit door is made up of solid steel construction with a heat-activated feature. It protects fire for one hour @ 2300 degrees F with active fire shield protection.

The safe can be assembled in less than 30 minutes without any extra tool required. You will get a wrench with the unit, which is handy to assemble or disassemble the safe. Unlocking the titan SnapSafe, it is operated by a digital electric keypad and with backup keys.

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There is one full shelf right at the top of the safe and 3 half-length shelves, which can be removable and adjustable according to your need. You will get a lifetime warranty and excellent customer support from snap safe.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension41 x 26.5 x 53.5
External Dimension46 x 30 x 59
Weight660 Pounds
FireproofOne Hour Fireproof 2300 degrees F
Lock Electric Digital Lock & Manual Lock
  • 14 Live Locking Bolts
  • Store 36+ Rifles
  • 9 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Fire Sheild Protection For One Hour
  • Heat Activated Door
  • SledgeHammer And Pry Bar Resistant Solid Steel Door
  • No Interior Light
  • Protects From Fire For One Hour Only

Things to Consider When Purchasing Modular Gun Safe

There are many factors that you can consider while selecting the best modular gun safe for your firearms. Also modular unit value is higher compared to traditional safety boxes.


Whenever you are finalizing the gun storage one question, you should ask yourself. How many guns are you gonna store inside a modular safe? Also, are you going to store extra accessories like handguns, pistols, jewelry, money, passport, other important documents, etc.?

I would recommend you go with an extra space safe so that in the future, if you decide to add more firearms to your inventory, then you don’t have to buy an extra safe due to no space availability. A gun safe that has one or two shelves can also store your other accessories easily.

Lock combination of a gun safe


The modular safe comes in the higher amount range. Expensive units have more features and are safer than economical gun-safe are. Always check your funds and look at the warranty period.

If you are spending to protect your firearms from unauthorized hands like your kids, then a gun safe for child safety is enough to protect your firearms. But if you are looking to protect yourself from theft, I suggest you go for a high-range modular safe.

Easy Assembly

The best modular gun safe can be assembled in minutes. Whenever you are looking for a modular unit, always check its fittings, pieces, weight, etc.


I buy modular safe over traditional safes so that I can carry or relocate them easily. Due to its lightweight modular safe can be moved from one place to another easily. If a gun safe is very heavy, then it will be tough for me to move from one place to another or shift from one house to another location. So always check for the size of the unit also.

Lock Type

There are numerous locks available in modular units. But digital electric keypad locks and manual keys are famous than other locking systems. If you purchase a safe and in times of emergency that lock fails to open the safe, your investment in the safety box is wasted.

So always check that each rifle safety box is equipped with at least a 2-way locking system. So that if one lock fails to open, then another lock will open the door in times of emergency.

Easy to Carry

Modular safes are easy to carry from one place to another as they are delivered to you in pieces. All you have to do is carry those upstairs, other room locations, or anywhere you want to place the unit. Modular safe can be carried easily from one place to another but remember the pieces might be heavy to carry without additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Safe vs Traditional Gun Safe?

Traditional safe is heavy in size, and sometimes it’s harder to relocate from one place to another. But the traditional unit does not require any assembly and is ready to use as soon as they reach the consumers. Simultaneously, a Modular safe is lightweight and can be relocated anywhere from one place to another.

Also, they come in pieces, so you have to reassemble them. But you will require a few minutes, and you have to assemble the unit correctly.

Is Modular Safe Efficient?

If you want to keep your firearms away from kids, I recommend you go with modular units. But if you are looking to secure it from kids and burglars, then traditional units are the best option instead of modular handgun safe.

What Gauge Should I Look For?

When it comes to protecting your stored firearms, build quality is an important factor to look for. Any safe, which is 14-16 gauge, tends to be a good gun unit. And below the 14 gauge gun safe are excellent gun units to keep your stored firearms safe. Remember gauge plays the key role in deciding how secure its built quality will be.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best modular gun safe that can be easily located from one place to another, I suggest you go with Secure It Gun Storage. There are other modular safes listed above, but they are at higher value points and heavy when assembled completely.

All the above-listed products in the gun safe reviews are premium and also have almost all the features which a protective gun safe should have. So the best option if you are looking for a unit that can be disassembled and reassembled again.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.