Best Gun Bluing Kit [2024 Review]

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There are several modern solutions for gun bluing. Each of these methods involves the use of specialized kits to increase the efficiency and durability of the gun. In this buying guide, I will help you find the best gun bluing kit for your specific needs. Towards the end, I will discuss some factors to keep in mind when buying.

My Best Gun Bluing Kits

After doing plenty of research, I found the following gun bluing kits to be the best fit for most gun owners.

Super Blue

Birchwood Casey Super Blue

The Super Blue bluing kit packs so many components that it easily became my top recommendation. These include a rust remover, a walnut stain, a degreaser, a seen, gun cleaning oil remover, cloth, and sponge.

This kit boasts of a double-strength and is ideal for bluing finely polished steel guns, especially those that contain chrome and nickel alloys. Since this is very strong, it will significantly affect the existing blue so you need to be careful and only work on areas that need to be re-blued. This includes a rust remover, but you can either use a phosphoric acid based remover or white vinegar, too.

The cloth and cotton materials are for wiping the metallic surfaces after applying the liquid. The best part is, you don’t have to buy any gun cleaning component separately making it an ideal choice for new gun owners. This is because buying the cleaning components separately might be confusing especially if you don’t know what to look for.

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In case you use a cleaner before applying the blue, use a wet cloth to wipe any remaining cleaner. This is to make sure the blue does a perfect job at the end of the process. To get better results, combine the stock cleaner with some polyurethane.

This product consists of high-quality materials and components to give you an easy time and experience in the bluing process. The blue is ideal for cleaning smoke residue on the stainless steel surface of the gun.

Overall, this product is easy especially with its fast-acting bluing liquid. The liquid is non- streaky and requires fewer coats on the steel surface. Moreover, it’s durable and easy on any gun, making it ideal for beginners.

What I Like

  • Versatile
  • Dries very fast
  • The bluing kit is suitable for touch-up jobs
  • Comes with all the cleaning components

What I Don’t Like

  • Does not work well with oily surfaces
  • Slightly expensive

Birchwood Casey Super Blue

Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Finishing Kit

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue

Another kit from this brand, the Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Finishing kit outshines other kits like the oxpho blue by focusing on quality and ease of use. This bluing kit includes 3 fl Oz plastic containers and a steel wool pad to smooth every new layer. The bottles are enough to last for months regardless of how often you use them.

This bluing kit is ideal for touch-ups, scratches, and worn-out spots on the metallic surface of the gun. Just like the previous kit, it also results in a non-streaky blue finish with a shiny look. The blue on the metal surface lasts for a long time so you won’t have to repeat the process after a short period.

I recommend this bluing kit for use on both small and large firearms.

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I found this bluing liquid kit easy to use even for beginners. It comes with a 3- ounce Perma Blue liquid, 3- ounce gun blue, a rust remover, and a degreaser. You will also get a bluing indicator, a sponge, gun wipes, service cloth, and a steel wool pad.

Make sure not to use the steel wool pad with your bare hands or on stainless steel, as steel wool can damage it and cut your fingers.

The bluing liquid is enough and can last for several years. Most old guns require at least 34- 40 coats to bring out a shiny-metallic look. Newer guns need approximately 25-30 coasts to maintain their metallic look. However, with this bluing liquid kit, you only need to apply up to a maximum of 10 coats to see the results.

There are several instructions on the bottle which are easy to follow thus making the bluing process easier. Moreover, there is a troubleshooting section on the container that helps you get rid of metal surfaces with too much rust and debris. To get better results, you can use a brake cleaner or a gun scrubber and make sure to apply the liquid evenly on the gun surface.

What I Like

  • Easy to use
  • Includes a steel wool pad
  • Long-lasting
  • Dries quickly
  • Can eliminate rust within a short period

What I Don’t Like

  • The gun bluing kit does not work well on surfaces with gun oil

Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Finishing Kit

Birchwood Aluminium Black Touch Up

Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black

The Aluminium Black Touch Up gun bluing kit is a multipurpose option that maintains and cleans all kinds of modern firearms. One of the things that make the kit stand out is its ability to offer an organized and tactical approach towards keeping your best gun clean and operational. This not only makes the whole process painlessly, it also helps to save plenty of time.

The Aluminium Black Touch Up acts fast to keep rust at bay. It comes with a heavy-duty nylon case and a durable bluing cleaning solution. The components are well organized making it easier to access all the tools you will require.

Also, the kit is compatible with both PALS and MOLLE webbing systems. Inside the kit, there is a lens pen in case you will be cleaning guns with scopes.

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Some of the aspects that make the gun bluing kit to stand apart include its ease of application and impressive results. After bluing your best gun with the kit the metallic surfaces are left without leaving any blotches or scratches.

The kit requires little preparation before its application thus saving you time. It can be used on old guns to cover up tough scratches and refresh the gun’s look. For the best results apply many coats.

This kit is also ideal for touch-ups on new guns that require little maintenance. With its high-quality liquid, you can expect impressive results after application.

What I Like

  • Impressive bluing results
  • Affordable
  • It can be used to clean both rifles and pistols
  • It is ideal for touch up and restoring beauty on old guns
  • Easy to carry
  • The kit has sections that are used to place the components in an organized manner

What I Don’t Like

  • Unsuitable for use on shotguns
  • Not suitable for wood surfaces

Birchwood Aluminium Black Touch Up

Blue Wonder Gun Blue Kit

Blue Wonder Gun Blue Kit

The Blue Wonder Gun Bluing kit is uniquely great for cleaning steel surfaces. After bluing with the kit, the surface is left with a deep lustrous finish that guarantees effective protection from rust. And while most of the recommendations in this guide are durable I think this option takes the lead if you are looking for a blue with long-lasting results.

Its coloring action works by penetrating into the metallic surface and leaves a bright long-lasting finish.  The kit can easily clean non-steel sections including wooden areas of the gun. This makes it a versatile option especially if you have guns made from different materials.

The Blue Wonder bluing kit  has the ability to restore old guns into their original finish and form. It offers great bluing to metallic surfaces that have rust and stubborn scratches.

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This kit is very effective when it comes to penetrating through steel surfaces. It leaves a shiny metallic look that lasts for a longer time. I also love the Blue Wonder Gun Blue Kit for the fact that it effortlessly blends with the original color on the metal surface to make it durable without losing its authentic aesthetics.

Due to its effective nature, you do not have to apply multiple coats for it to work. You only need to polish your gun three to five times to achieve the desired results. Before applying the blue, first, degrease all of the gun. You can apply the grease with a piece of cotton or soft cloth.

What I Like

  • Results to a high-quality finish
  • A single bluing process can last for a long time making it a durable option
  • You can apply it even with ordinary towels
  • Can work with different surfaces thus being very versatile
  • Has a deep penetration ability
  • Easy to apply on the gun

What I Don’t Like

  • Cannot work with degreasing

Blue Wonder Gun Blue Kit

What to Look For in the Best Gun Bluing Kit

Below are some of the factors to keep in mind when buying a bluing kit in order to make the most educated purchasing decision.

Gun polished with gun bluing kit


The main reason behind applying bluing your gun is so that it can keep the rust away and last longer. It is, therefore, crucial that you focus on durability when buying the bluing kit.

In other words, how long will the bluing last when applied to the gun? Some bluing kits last longer than others like the Oxpho Blue. If you do not use your gun often then you would probably use a method that is longer on your gun. If your gun is not a collectible you can apply cold bluing.

Bluing of the Gun

Bluing kits are most suitable when the gun has lost its original bluing. If the original bluing is still there then you can easily use cold blue. Cold bluing is still applicable even for small nicks, dents, and scratches on the metallic surface. If the original bluing is broken and worn away, hot would be the best method instead of cold.

Bluing Supplies at Your Disposal

If it is your very first time bluing a gun, I recommend that you go for the complete bluing package with all the components. It saves you a lot of hustle trying to assemble other bluing components before you begin bluing your gun.

However, if you already have some of the bluing components, then it is only necessary to replace the missing ones. For example, you could only go for the bluing fluid rather than acquiring a whole new set of components.

Types of Gun Bluing Kits

Just as important as the features to consider when buying a bluing kit, it’s crucial to understand the different types that exist. Below are three of the most common gun bluing methods.

Hot Bluing

This is the most preferred method due to its effectiveness. This method utilizes a heated alkaline liquid to heat the metal instead of a heat gun. This is the reason why many people know it as this. It protects the steel from rust and gives a lasting look.

Gun with bullets beside it

Cold Bluing

Unlike other methods, the cold method involves the use of the cold alkaline liquid.

This method is ideal for touching up scratches and on surfaces that have already been blued. You can also apply this method on larger metal surfaces including those that have small amounts of rust.

The kits come with small bottles with solutions in them and a brush-type applicator for applying the liquids on the metal surface. While the method is not as effective as the other one, it is perfect in case you need to carry out touch-ups on the gun.

Rust Bluing

This is a method that involves the use of both solutions. Cold bluing is a method that is preferred mostly for removing stubborn scratches and rust. It is mainly used on double barrels or old guns that have a lot of rust on the metal surface. The chemicals used contain salts and in some cases cyanide.

Niter Bluing

This method uses typical potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate to polish and clean the metal and steel part. In this process, the surface area of the metallic sections determines the outcome of the process.

This method is, however, not recommended for critically heat-treated metal sections such as springs and receivers. It applies to smaller metallic components such as pins, and sights.

The steel, when immersed in a mixture of nitrates and chromates or, a mix of potassium nitrate and sodium provides a permanent degree of cosmetic protection and rust resistance to the metallic sections of a gun. Of the many methods available, hot is the existing standard.

Benefits of Bluing

Bluing can offer you several advantages to your guns, as illustrated below.

Pistol placed on the table

Better Cosmetic Appearance

Bluing a gun will change its appearance, especially if it is a used or old gun. It helps in reducing the effect of wear and tear as well as the corrosive effect that comes with continuous use of metallic items. It resists the superficial scratching hence helps to maintain the metal finish of a gun. It is also effective in coloring the steep components cook wear and other fine metalwork.

Further Protection Against Rust

The passivation process makes the metallic part of a gun rust-resistant. The magnetite iron produced during the treatment process is a Fe304 black iron oxide compound which by nature is rust-resistant.

Rust being a corrosive oxide can flake away and break down your metal. The resultant damage may interfere with the functionality of your gun and ultimately shorten its lifespan. The black oxide magnetite provides a variant that holds firm hence acting as a protective shield.

Disadvantages of Bluing

When you use gun bluing, you’re applying an exceptional treatment to give your rifle, however, the most important disadvantage is also its biggest limitation.

Since it changes red oxide (Fe204) to black oxide (Fe304) it is only effective on steel, and cast-iron sections; it doesn’t apply on non-ferrous components, you cannot blue metals such as aluminum and polymer.

However, it is important to note that the chemical products in the process can form uneven staining on both aluminum and polymer. It would help if you never tried hot bluing on aluminum; the reaction between aluminum and caustic sault is explosive. The response could cause bad chemical burns.


The most important thing in using a bluing kit is following the instructions given on each kit. Each kit has its components and instructions that differ from others. Some kits provide all the necessary components while others do not.

I hope that this guide will help you find a bluing kit that will effectively keep the rust away from your gun.

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