Stealth Electronic Handgun Safe Review

Gun storage is something which is very important for gun owners to consider. This statement is especially true if you live with family members who are unqualified in weapon use, such as children. While guns can protect your family in the event of an emergency, they can also be a danger if stored irresponsibly.

You do not want to risk an accident occurring because of an improperly stored gun. The risk of injury or death is not worth the hundred or so dollars you will end up saving by not purchasing a secure storage option for your gun.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Even if you don't live with your family, a gun safe or similar option will greatly reduce the risk of your gun getting stolen.

There are many affordable options when it comes to properly storing your guns; there is no reason you should be able to afford a gun and not a gun safe or gun cabinet.

The price of gun safes keeps dropping by the day; they are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be thanks to optimal production lines and advancing technology.

There are two main choices when it comes to selecting a storage option for your home. The first is the gun cabinet. Gun cabinets are typically large, durable, locking cabinets which are designed to hold anywhere between one to ten long guns. Some models of gun cabinets may hold even more guns, but these tend to be the most common sizes.

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On the other hand, you have gun safes. These are smaller than gun cabinets, and they are ​​designed to fit handguns, ammunition and handgun accessories​​​, such as cleaning kits. Today we will be looking at one of the most highly rated handgun safes on the market.

Before we get to our review, however, we will be looking at a characteristic which is integral to a good gun safe (including the one we will be reviewing).

About The Product

One reason that many gun owners forego any form of home firearm storage is due to the erroneous perception that they must be expensive. Many high-quality gun safes and gun cabinets have very reasonable prices. Just because your gun safe doesn't have a fingerprint scanner doesn't mean that it is any worse at keeping your gun out of robbers' hands.

As with any product, finding the best possible price is a bit of a balancing act. You have to find a model which manages to combine good quality with a price which is not overly expensive. Keep in mind that a higher price will not always result in a better product. We have seen many products that were noticeably worse than some lower priced options.

Value for money is just as important as resilience and the locking mechanism when it comes to investing in a gun safe. You want a model which won't break your bank in the present but one built to standards that are good enough to ensure that your safe will last you well into the future.

The Product Specification

  • Safe features a maximum capacity of 5 handguns: 3 ready for use and two lying flat
  • Safe features a spring loaded, quick access drop down door
  • ​Features a red interior light and a silent operation mode
  • Features anti pry tabs and a high strength latch
  • Features a foam interior, so your guns remain undamaged
Handgun Hanger Safe


If you are searching for a gun safe which is quick to open yet durable enough to resist intruders, this model from Stealth is an excellent option. It features a digital lock backed up by a key for a more user-friendly experience. When combined with the durable and resilient design and materials, it makes for a formidable safe.

This is one of the more versatile types of handgun safes that you will find available. It manages to combine an intuitive design with excellent building materials and enough extra features to make this safe more than worth the price. This product is the baseline of what you should expect out of a mid-range gun safe.

Four digit keypad on handgun safe.

The four digit keypad makes this model easy to get into for the owner but still features enough combinations to make entry impossible for a burglar in any reasonable span of time.

The inclusion of a backup key ensures that you will always have access to your guns, even if the battery were to die.

This safe is also a very spacious option. While most similarly sized safes will be able to fit two or three handguns at the maximum, this model can fit five guns. Three of these guns will be accessible at any time, but the other two will require removal of the first three before they may be accessed.

What Others Say

Most customers were highly impressed by the number of features that were available in this gun safe model for the relatively low price. When compared to other models, this safe features superlative value for money. Another aspect which was highly praised was the resilience of this safe since it's nearly impossible to break into.

Regarding negatives, many customers had issues mounting pistols with attached tactical lights or laser attachments. The depth of the safe makes it necessary to remove these attachments before storage, which is unfortunate for customers who own customized handguns.

Buying Advice

This gun safe ​has good price for the number of additional features which are included with this safe. It can be found at many online retailers, most notably Amazon.


Red Interior Light.

This gun safe from Stealth is the model that all gun safe owner tend to love. In every category, from durability to user friendliness, this gun safe is superior to most other options in its price range. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave them down in the comments below.

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