7 Myths About Gun Safe Theft Protection

If you a licensed gun owner, it is essential you are aware of the potential risks of storing arms at home. Most people assume having a gun safe will resolve all of their safety concerns, but that is not true. Here are a few gun safe myths you should not pay attention to:

Guns Safes Scare Away Buglers

Most people think that having a gun safe can protect them from theft and scare away criminals. Well, here's the thing. Gun safes may be away to discourage amateur crooks from breaking in or barging inside the house, but it will not deter experienced criminals.

Robbers Stealing From Gun Shop

Terrifying criminals have special tools and equipment that will help them crack open the safe in no time.

There’s No Point In Bolting Down The Safe

The gun safe may be constructed using the toughest materials, but you will still have to bolt it down. If you don't bolt it down, thieves can conveniently lift and drive away with the safe.

Most criminals will find a way to carry even the toughest safes so do not underestimate them. Most gun manufacturers' offer detailed instructions on how you can bolt down the safe. Consider seeking the help of a professional if you've no idea what you are doing.

Any Gun Safe Will Work

If you think any old gun safe will offer you the protection you'll require in an awkward situation, then you are wrong. Not all gun safes operate the same way. Hence, you have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Opened Gun Safe

A gun safe will only work its best if it has the appropriate feature. Ensure unauthorized people can not access your gun safe. Here are some essential features your weapon safe should have to enhance protection:

  • Constructed using heavy materials
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Fireproof materials
  • Electric/manual combination

If you have the budget for it, consider investing in a gun safe with a biometric system. Also don't forget to wipe the markings on the fingerprint scanner. Also, test out the machine first to ensure all the safety features work fine. Just purchasing a gun safe isn't going to guarantee protection make sure it has the right features to get the job done. You can check out our gun safe buying guide for the best gun safe on the market.

Storing Loaded Guns Adds Convenience

That's where you are wrong. Storing loaded guns is not only impractical, but it is also insanely dangerous, especially if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Having a loaded gun in the safe means anyone can quickly open fire and cause life-threatening damage, which can have detrimental consequences if you have kids around the house.

Man Standing Next To Gun Safe

Most gun safe manufacturers display a warning, asking users not to load the gun before storing.

Loud Alarms Offer Better Security Than Gun Safe

Sure, you have probably heard about how loud alarms can deter theft and cause criminals to make a run for it. However, this might not always work. Thieves usually carry powerful weapons and are in most cases, not afraid to engage in combat.

A loud alarm system may not be enough to scare away experienced thieves. Not to mention, some criminals may have plenty of tricks up their sleeve and may be able to disable the alarm easily.

Thin telephone wires can also be used to deactivate the alarm for a while or even damage it permanently. In such cases, it is essential you take responsibility for your safety. Storing weapons in a safe or a nearby case from our best gun cases reviews gives you easy access to the weapon during difficult times.

You Can Store The Safe Anywhere

The location of the safe is not only crucial for décor but also to ensure the safety of your home. Storing the gun safe in your guest bedroom may raise questions and attract unwanted attention.

Guns In Nightstand Safe

Place it in a spot where it won't catch the eye of random strangers such as delivery boys, salespeople, and repairers. Putting the gun safe in the basement or the garage isn't a good idea either, which will make it prone to damage in the event of a fire or a flood.

Plus, the garage is easily accessible to intruders, so it's best you store it somewhere out of the reach of others. Placing the gun safe in your bedroom is the smarter option.

Thick Doors Automatically Means Better Protection

While a thick exterior may seem like a cool safety feature, it does not necessarily contribute to more protection. Usually, gun safe manufacturers use this as a trick to dupe new customers.

What's important is the safety features and the locking mechanisms in the gun safe. Having the right safety features can reduce the odds of someone breaking into the safe. These are just a couple of safe gun myths you should ignore.

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