Your Ultimate Guide To Prevent Gun Safe Rust

If you are a licensed gun owner, you're probably already aware of the importance of storing your firearms in a safe location. Using a gun safe is the most reliable option. This will ensure you can store your weapon away from the reach of unauthorized people. However, while your firearms are secure from fires, theft, and misuse, it is still susceptible to corrosion.

Excess moisture inside the safe can cause guns to rust. In some cases, this can cause the parts inside the gun to stick together, resulting in dangerous consequences. Corrosion and rust typically become a problem when you don't use your gun for several weeks at a time.

Corrosion Under Gun Grip Panel

Rest assured, this articles will teach you all there is to know about protecting your gun safe from excess moisture.

How Does Corrosion Occur

Corrosion occurs when moisture finds its way inside the parts of the firearm and the gun safe. Whether you like it or not, there is moisture present in the air that can damage your firearms and storage units, even if its the​ best gun storage safe on the market. Some homes have higher humidity levels compared to others. This means there is more moisture content in the air.

Storing your guns in the basement or garage can make it more susceptible to corrosion because of the higher moisture content. Higher levels of humidity is a common problem for folks who live in tropical locations.

How Can I Reduce Humidity

Even the smallest quantities of water can initiate the rusting process if it comes in contact with your gun safe. Unfortunately, this also includes the water vapors in the air. However, to solve this problem, you can invest in a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels down.

Place the dehumidifier in the room you plan on storing your gun safe. If you are on a small budget, consider putting some silica gel inside the gun safe. It will efficiently absorb the extra moisture in the air.

How To Use Silica Packs

A low budget-friendly way to control moisture content is to store silica packs in the gun safe. Silica is known for actively absorbing moisture from the air, ensuring the environment remains humidity-free and dry.

Spilled Silica Gel From Pack

You can invest in silica packs in bulk for a low price. Place the packs inside the gun safe but make sure they do not directly touch the firearms inside. If silica comes in direct contact with the gun, it can cause severe damage to its outer metal casing.

Invest In A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A gun safe dehumidifier is an indispensable tool that can prevent corrosion and ensure your firearms remain in perfect condition, (aside from proper cleaning and maintenance of course). There are two main types of dehumidifiers for gun safes, including:

Electric Dehumidifier

As the name indicates, this gun safe dehumidifier is powered using an electrical cord. This device eliminates moisture by producing heat inside the vault. Because of its convenient size, it can be conveniently inserted into the gun safe. The heat causes moisture to evaporate, preventing any damage to the gun safe and firearms.

However, a minor drawback of this model is that it requires a constant power supply to function. This means you will have to place the gun safe somewhere there is a constant power supply.

Also, some people may not be pleased with the sight of a power cord running directly from the outlet. However, you can easily avoid this situation if you invest in an electric humidifier that is rechargeable.

Desiccant Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

This type of humidifier works similar to a sponge as opposed to the electrical models. A desiccant dehumidifier is mostly a box with a sponge-like material placed inside to absorb moisture. Just insert the device into the gun safe, and you are ready to go. This will keep the vault safe from corrosion and will ensure your weapon remains as good as new.

Desiccant Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Not only is this model friendlier on the pockets but you also don’t have to worry about charging or plugging in the device. The only inconvenience is that you’ll need to bake the sponge like material inside the oven for a couple of minutes.

Ensure you follow the instruction manual for more information on how to use the device. You can also invest in an electrical dehumidifier, but you will have to place it near an electrical outlet.

DIY Tips To Prevent Gun Safe Rust

Here are a couple of DIY tips you should follow to prevent gun safe rust from ruining your gun safe and the contents stored inside:

Air Out The Gun Safe

One of the simplest ways to lower the moisture level inside the save is to air it out every once in a while. Open the safe for about 20n minutes every few weeks. How often you use this method typically depends on the size, and how many items are stored inside ​the safe or cabinet from our best rated firearm storage cabinet reviews​. Another option would be to instead convert your safe in to a gun safe room so the air is less condensed.

You should also note that this step won't work if you live in an area with high humidity levels and moisture in the air.

Use Dry Rice

Dry rice is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of moisture and preventing gun safe rust. Just place a handful of rice inside a jar and keep it in the weapon safe. Rice can absorb moisture and does not contain hazardous chemicals, making it perfectly safe to use. You may replace the jar every 4 to 6 months.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another kitchen ingredient that you can use for keeping your gun safe dry and prevent rusting. 

Spoon With Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can deodorize and absorb moisture. This is an excellent option if you are trying to get rid of mildew odor. Follow these simple tips if you want to reduce gun safe rust. Good luck!

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