Gun Safety 101: Teaching Your Children The Basics Of Firearms

Children need to understand the importance of firearms. These tools are dangerous and are to be used only in emergencies. Children need to understand the difference between weapons and toys to prevent severe injuries. That's why you need to introduce your children to the world of firearms

This small post is to educate parents on teaching their children gun safety. It might take some work. But, your child will become more intelligent with firearms and will stay safe around them. By the end of this post, you and your child will learn a thing or two about gun safety.

Start Simple

Begin by teaching your children the basic rules. If they ever find a gun, they should resist the temptation to touch it. While children are known for being curious, they should not be around firearms. Doing so puts them in harm's way and increases the chance of injury.

Showing Kids How To Manage Guns

Children find weapons interesting. You must first demystify the concept of guns to teach them properly. With your supervision, let your children handle guns. Make sure they receive your permission before their hands touch the firearm.

​Educate them on the different parts of the firearm. Start by showing them the magazine of your weapon. Teach them how to inspect a gun and check whether the magazine and chamber are empty. When aiming, help your child point the gun in a safe direction.

You should also take your child to a gun club. At a gun club, your child can see objects becoming destroyed by firearms. You'll distinguish the difference between guns and toys to teach your child more about firearms.

Teach Them How To Clean Guns

At age 5-7, children want to be included in their parent's daily activities. Gun maintenance and proper cleaning is an excellent way to introduce your child to firearms. Use this time to teach them the concept of proper gun cleaning materials.

Make sure your child has protective gear when cleaning guns. Children can't fight off toxins as efficiently as adults. Keep them safe from the inhaling these toxins that cause long term damage to their bodies.

Cleaning Revolver Drum

Once kids learn how to handle and maintain firearms safely, they are no longer clouded by the mystery of firearms. Teaching your children about gun maintenance helps them become responsible gun owners in the future. Discuss the dangers and safety precautions while cleaning guns, and ​also teach them to store away the firearms well in your top handgun case on the market.

Give Them A BB Gun

After your child has become proficient in gun safety, it's time to teach them the basics of proper gun usage. Give them a BB gun at least two years before he or she is ready to use real firearms. Store the BB gun with the rest of your weapons and tell your child to treat it like a real firearm. It is.

If you hunt frequently, let your child come with you. Give them an unloaded BB gun to take on your short hunting trips.

Teaching Them How To Shoot

Once your child reaches age 12, they are ready to learn how to ​how to shoot firearms​​​ shoot firearms. Start by giving them a small 9mm pistol or a .322 rifle. Both weapons are good for self-defense and have low recoil.

Mother Teaching Daughter How To Shoot With Handgun

By starting with the pistol, your child won't have a hard time firing a rifle. Starting with a rifle teaches your child how to be an accurate shooter and learn not to anticipate. Pick whichever seems best and make sure your child practices safety precautions with the weapon. There are three lessons your child needs to learn at this stage:

  • Take full responsibility for proper gun ownership
  • Master trigger control
  • Have fun while respecting modern gun laws

When Should My Kids Use Firearms Unsupervised?

Under no circumstances should your children use firearms without your permission. Which is why it is best store your firearms in a high quality safe like those we've mentioned in our best gun storage safes reviews​. One small mistake can lead to them severely injuring or killing themselves. As your child ages, begin to incorporate more complex concepts of gun safety.

For instance, once your child is 14, begin to teach them about hunting. Hunting is a fun sport that helps them improve their accuracy and use guns safely. Continue teaching them about guns until they grow into a fully responsible adult.

Young Boy Holding Shotgun

The prefrontal cortex stops developing at age 25. During that age, your child is ready to use firearms without your constant supervision.

Closing Remarks

Children with guns is a huge risk at first. They don't know how to use firearms or the consequences when firing them. As a parent, you need to tell them everything there is to know about gun safety. This ensures that they become more intelligent and responsible with firearms.

As we conclude this article, we hope you take these steps into consideration. Teaching your child how to learn about guns is an important step in their lives. Teach your children proper gun management so they can protect their lives if an emergency occurs. Do you have any extra questions? Let leave a comment below.

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