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Gun cabinets are large containers used for gun storage. The main advantage is their protection from children. Your child might accidentally stumble upon weaker safes and access to your weapons. This is dangerous and might lead to potential injury if you aren't careful.

Gun cabinets have the advantage of being in a stationary position or mounted against a wall. We suggest getting the cabinet wall mounted if you have children living with you. The added height prevents children from reaching the safe; keeping them and everyone around them safe.

Guns In Nightstand Safe

In our society, crime occurs at any given moment. The only way to handle these situations is through reliable gun protection. Gun cabinets offer this protection without causing a strain on one's budget. That's why we'll be discussing gun cabinets today.

We want to help you find the best gun cabinet in today's market. In our review section, we detail the pros and cons of each safe. Our goal is to help first-time gun owners obtain the safety and protection they deserve.

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Difference Between Gun Cabinets And Gun Safes

Here's main differences between gun cabinets:


The main difference between gun cabinets and safe is quality. While gun cabinets offer lots of protection, it can't match the quality of a gun safe. If you're a serious gun aficionado with a huge gun collection (30+ guns), then you'll need to invest in a gun safe.

Gun Cabinets were designed to keep children away from your weapon inventory. The cabinets are durable, but an experienced burglar can break in if left unattended. Still, they offer lots of protection and should be considered if you have a small budget.


Gun safes are more expensive than gun cabinets. Chances are you'll pay up to $1,000 for a good commercial grade safe. This can be a huge barrier for owners with small incomes. Fortunately, you can buy a gun case and keep your weapons in a secure place.

Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity


As we stated earlier, cabinet guns are good for budget gun owners. You can find a good cabinet under $100. For instance, the Go Plus Cabinet stores up to 3 rifles and is priced at $91. Read our review to hear more details about this outstanding cabinet.

Why You Should Choose Your Gun Cabinet Carefully

Gun cabinets offer a high level of security, storage options, and settings than typical gun cases. They are bolted or locked into a stationary area. This makes it harder for burglars or intruders to tamper or destroy the safe.

You need to choose your cabinet based on your surroundings. Do you have children at home? Do you live in a rough area? Keep these factors in mind when purchasing your first cabinet.

The main reason we like gun cabinets is their accessibility. Cabinets are easily accessed by the user while still being hard for children to reach. You don't want to leave your gun unattended, especially if you have children in your home. Mounting a gun cabinet to the wall prevents this risk from occurring.

You'll want a sturdier gun case if you live in a harsh environment. Robberies occur often, and you don't want to be unprepared if an intruder invades your home. Look at the Homak Gun Cabinet to ensure that your valuable weapons are there if an emergency arises.

What To Pay Attention For When Choosing A Gun Cabinet

Gun Cabinets come in a multitude of different types. For instance, some are protected by a mechanical lock. These locks are the easiest to use and last longer than modern locks. They are key accessible, making it easy to use without much hassle.

Goplus 2 Key 3 Gun Rifle Storage

You can opt for an electronically locked cabinet, but be careful. These locks are known for failing due to electromagnetic pulses. Because of this, we recommend you obtain a mechanical lock of a dual lock gun cabinet.

Dual lock gun cabinets combine both mechanical and electric cabinets. When one mechanism fails to work, you can use the other one. This ensures that you'll have access to your guns no matter the cause. If you have the money, invest in a Dual lock cabinet to maximize your firearm security.

Material - Wood

Wooden gun cabinets are valued for their antique appearance. We like them because they do offer the most accessibility to your weapons. The cabinets are opened via a door or have multiple point lock mechanisms to keep the components safe.

But, wood gun cabinets have one major flaw. Their lack of durability makes it easier for robbers to access them. If you plan on getting a wooden cabinet, get one that has an extra lock to keep your weapons from getting into the wrong hands.

Material - Metal

Metal cabinets consist of steel, aluminum, and other hard metals. If possible, we suggest that you invest in a metal cabinet. They offer the most durability and are harder to pry open by unwanted predators.

Homak 8-Gun Security Cabinet Review

Another reason why metal cabinets are better is due to their increased resistance. Wooden cabinets are exposed to chemicals and other ailments daily. As time progresses, the wood begins to deteriorate in quality. This results in an unappealing gun cabinet and increases the risk of your firearms not working.


Composite materials consist of plastic and are used by military infantrymen during operations. While every piece of plastic isn't military quality, all composite materials reduce weight and are extremely durable.

Users tend to buy composite gun cabinets because of their protective covering. Remember, gun cabinets are durable, but not as much as a gun safe. We recommend that you invest in a cabinet made of composite materials to maximize security and keep your guns in a safe place.

Best Gun Cabinet

Here's our recommendation of the best gun cabinets:

Stack On Gun Cabinet

Starting off our review is the Stack On Gun Cabinet. Sales of rifles and tactical weapons increased over the following years. Due to their large size, they can't fit smaller gun safes. Stack On designed their cabinet to meet these growing demands and provide enhanced safety from unwanted usage.

The cabinet has enough capacity to store up to 10 guns. Inside the cabinet is three different sections. The center section gives you enough space to store up to two long rifles. In the left and right section, users are allowed to store up to 7 other guns or use the rest of the cabinet as storage space.

Specifications Of The Stack On Gun Cabinet

  • Key access cabinet
  • Holds up to 10 rifles or shotguns
  • Reinforced steel door
  • 3 point locking system
  • Scratch resistant covering

Our Rating

Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet


Stack On's 3 point lock is a defining feature of this cabinet. The locks are located on the top, center, and bottom of your cabinet. Use the key provided to open the locks and access to your firearms. Shoppers like this product because it provides a safe place to store their guns after use.

Another feature is its protective covering. Most gun safes tend to fail because their material can't stop the gun from moving. The Stack On Gun Cabinet comes with thick rubber padding, and barrel rests to keep your rifles in position while in storage.

Consumers like this gun cabinet because it can be mounted easily. There are mounting holes located on the back of the cabinet. You can mount it on the wall or the floor. Stack On suggests that users mount their cabinets to increase their utility and safety.

Plus, Stack On's interior is designed to give your rifles an ample amount of space. The cabinet gives at least 3 inches of room to protect the gun's from hitting each other.

For people wanting their guns organized, Stack On is the right choice.

The only flaw comes with the appearance of the cabinet. On rare occasions, consumers would find dents on their cabinets after buying them. Check your gun cabinet for these issues and get a replacement if necessary.

Overall, the Stack On Gun Cabinet is the most affordable steel gun cabinet in the market. It's available on Amazon. 

Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet


Buy at this gun safe if you want something that can store your rifles until an emergency happens.

Homak Gun Cabinet

Second in our review is the Homak Gun Cabinet. It's a solid and sturdy gun cabinet that allows the user to store up to 16 guns. For new gun owners, this safe is guaranteed to offer the protection your firearms need.

Homeowners like the cabinet because of its size and storage capacity. The door comes with a full-length piano hinge. This increase in size makes it more durable than competing cabinets. Thus, the gun cabinet is a vault that is designed for shoppers who want a long-lasting peace of mind.

Specifications Of Homak Gun Cabinet

  • 4 Point Locking System
  • 1.2mm of Steel Thickness
  • Stores up to 16 guns
  • Over 100 different code combinations
  • Tough interior

Our Rating

HOMAK HS30103660 8-Gun Security Cabinet


Homak's cabinet comes with two individually coded keys that can be used to access the safe at any time. Inside the cabinet is a section where pistols are accessed. Another section is used to store rifles, shotguns, and other long weaponry. The cabinet is easy to access and is optimized for gun storage.

Competing gun cabinets are capable of having 2 or 3 point locking systems. The Homak gun cabinet has a unique 4 point locking mechanism. This new feature makes it harder for intruders to pry open the cabinet. If you need extra protection, then Homak's gun cabinet is the best safe worth your investment.

Inside the cabinet, you'll find more internal storage and padding than the competition. Homak's gun cabinet gives you enough room to optimize your space while protecting your gun pieces.

You should give this cabinet a look if you live in an apartment and need a simple, yet efficient place to store your guns.

Users stated that the gun cabinet is easy to assemble. On average, it takes users up to 2 hours before the safe is ready to be used.

The cabinet can be mounted or bolted in the corner of your room. Making it a space efficient cabinet for those living in small areas. 

Homak gun security cabinet.

But, there is one thing you'll have to watch out for. This cabinet's space is too small to be utilized. Sometimes the containers get in the way of the guns when opening it. This safe might not be a good idea if you need an interior that also holds handguns.

The Homak gun cabinet is a powerful metal gun cabinet that you should consider. You can find it on Amazon. Buying this case ensures that your guns remain locked and secure from children, burglars, and other potential threats to your firearms.

Go Plus Gun Cabinet

Go Plus designed this gun cabinet for minimalists who have a few firearms. It has a storage capacity of up to three guns. Each of the guns is protected by thick padding to keep the weapons in position. For new gun owners, this cabinet is perfect for you.

One thing that we like is the 2 point locking system. Most cabinets at its price range have only one system. Because of this, the go plus cabinet is a great source of protection and helps your guns stay safe. Get this safe if you need a simple, yet a high level of gun protection.

Specifications Of The Go Plus Gun Cabinet

  • 51-inch cabinet
  • Holds three shotguns or rifles
  • Panel thickness of 1.8 mm
  • 2 Point locking system
  • Affordable

Our Rating

Go Plus cabinet gun safe.


The panel has an enhanced thickness of 1.8mm. This means that burglars will have a hard time prying open your safe. Due to its steel construction, the gun cabinet offers more security than the competition. Look at this safe if you want a thick door that won't be destroyed by burglars or natural causes.

There's no better gun cabinet than the Go Plus cabinet. Consumers like the product because it has an extra section for ammunition. You can store extra bullets and shotgun shells inside of the case right next to your rifles. For those who want a safe place to contain their bullets, Go Plus has you covered.

We've noticed the safe's mount in feature. Placed on the back are a few holes that can be placed on a wall or the ground. This gives users the ability to keep their guns out of children's reach. Try this cabinet out if you want complete control over who accesses your firearms.

The door comes with two locks and two separate keys. Use both keys to open the cabinet and access your rifles.

Users like this cabinet because the keys allow for simple access to their weaponry. The cabinet won't fail like electric lockers and is guaranteed to last a long time in your household.

Consumers across the board complained about the cabinet's low durability.

Goplus 2 Key 3 Gun Rifle Storage Cabinet Case Safe

Some shoppers found the interior of the safe too weak for their liking. We advise that you use this case for ammo storage if it can't properly store your guns and firearm accessories.

We think that the Go Plus Cabinet is the perfect alternative for shoppers on a low budget. It gives users the ability to create a small, yet organized gun collection. Find this dun security cabinet on Amazon.

Best Double Door Gun Cabinet

Here's our recommendation of the best double door gun cabinet:

Stack On Security Cabinet

Fourth on the list is Stack On Security Cabinet. It has the most space in comparison to other cabinets on this list. Users can hold up to 31 guns inside of its storage. This product is great for users that want a high-end gun locker.

One feature that's worth mentioning is its dual doors. This gives the user more organization and enough room to differentiate different sets of guns. While it has a compact exterior, its interior provides the highest amount of storage.

Specifications Of The Stack On Security Cabinet

  • 3-point locking system
  • Reinforced steel door
  • Convertible cabinet selection
  • Padded sides to reduce scratching
  • Key accessible lock

Our Rating




We've noticed four removable steel shelves that come with the product. Use the shelves to store jewelry, ammunition, and other valuable gun equipment. The Stack On Cabinet offers a high level of security and Is used to keep your accessories and firearms out of harm's way.

This gun cabinet is great because of the reinforced steel door. The door is durable enough to prevent children from accessing your firearms. In fact, it's steel construction is proven to stop bacteria, dust, and other environmental threats from reaching your guns. Give this gun a look if you want something with enhanced durability.

And the convertible cabinet selection is another feature users love. Most cabinets have only one door which limits their safe's storage capacity.

However, the Stack Up Security Case gives the user an organized and safe location to keep their firearms. If you want the extra space and efficiency, the Stack On cabinet will do the trick.

Gun owners like the barrel rest that are found inside the cabinets. The rests make it easier for rifles to be stored without running into other guns.

Stack On's backrests won't deteriorate over time and offer the best space for your rifles and other long firearms.

Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet


However, users found fault with the safe's mounting system. Stack On's safe requires screw installation from the outside of the cabinet. You'll need a two person assembly, and you'll need a 360-degree access when mounting the device. We advise that you set your cabinet up before placing it in areas with tight spaces.

We think that the Stack On Security Case is the best choice for advanced gun owners. This gun display cabinet has a lot of storage and prevents your children from reaching it. You can find this gun cabinet on Amazon.

Best Display Gun Cabinet

Here's our recommendation of the best display gun cabinet:

American Furniture Gun Cabinet

Last on our list is the American Furniture Gun Cabinet. While it's a wooden gun cabinet, it has a few extra features that make it optimal for storage. Consumers who want a safe that has an antique and polished design should look at this product.

American Furniture designed this cabinet for those wanting a vintage feel. Its solid wood construction gives your storage an appealing look. The product is a perfect blend of wood and glass and is great for those wanting to see their stored firearms.

Specifications Of The American Furniture Gun Cabinet

  • Solid wood
  • Tempered Glass
  • Drop down door for storing guns and ammo
  • Displays "52 shotguns and rifles
  • Barrel rests & butt plates included

Our Rating

American Furniture Classics


Shoppers stated that the product is easy to assemble. Electric gun safes are complicated and can take hours to work properly. But, with the American Furniture Gun Cabinet, you'll spend at least an hour before your guns are displayed.

The gun cabinet is glass covered, which creates an appealing gun display. Users like the cabinet because they can see their guns right in front of them. The glass covering is durable and is a great glass gun cabinet for users on a budget.

Speaking of budgets, this cabinet won't break the bank. You can find it on Amazon or If you want a gun cabinet that's inexpensive and efficient, then the American Furniture Gun Case is the right choice for you.

There are a few consumer complaints associated with this gun cabinet.

Glass Door Display Cabinet

Users found it hard to prevent dust and other particles from reaching inside the safe. Invest in some protective cloth or other accessories to keep your guns safe from outside threats.

Still, we think that this is one of the best wooden gun cabinets money can offer. It provides an appealing and safe display for your guns. Also, it keeps your rifles safe and in position when they aren't in use. Buy this product if you want an antique gun cabinet that will keep your guns in a safe and protected place.

The Verdict

We think that the Stack On Gun Cabinet is the winner. It provides ample amount of space for users to store their rifles, shot guns, and handguns. In fact, they keep your guns protected from corrosion, burglaries, and other disasters. You should Invest in it if you want to protect you and your family.

Do you have any questions using these cabinets? Or do you have any experience using any of the cabinets listed above? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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