Reviews of the Best Range Backpack in 2023

Inserting a gun into a bag

Whether you hit the range for casual shooting or spend time hunting in nature, a quality range backpack provides exceptional organization and storage for your handguns and accessories. While any old shooting range bag could be used, the best range backpacks are specifically designed to provide safety and make carrying firearm equipment easier. With top …

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Best Ultrasonic Brass Cleaner [2023 Review]

Brass casings

Brass has been used throughout history because it’s a strong metal that can resist water and other liquids corrosion. However, when exposed to pollutants or high humidity levels, these metals can easily tarnish. This is where the best ultrasonic brass cleaner comes into play. Our Top Ultrasonic Brass Cleaner Recommendations The best ultrasonic brass cleaner …

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Best Console Safe [2023 Review]

Guns and accessories stored in a car console safe

Most of the reported stolen guns came from cars. Hence, if you’re the type to bring your guns along in your car, it’s better to keep them protected. The best way to protect guns is by storing them in a console safe. We’ve compiled a list of the best console safe for you to choose. …

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Best Under Bed Gun Safe [2023 Review]

Hand trying to open a combination lock

Having a gun safe is to secure your firearms is a good investment in keeping the guns reach out of children or from an unknown person. There are numerous places available in your house where you can hide your safe, but we recommend you place the gun safe under the bed for quick access in …

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The Top Shooting Ranges in Tulsa

Ammo supply

Oklahoma is ranked among the top 10 when it comes to gun sales. With a high number of people owning guns there is definitely and high demand for shooting ranges. This is because people need a good and safe environment where they can sharpen their gun shooting skills. There are several gun ranges in Tulsa …

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The Top Shooting Ranges in Long Beach


Long Beach shooting ranges are safe spaces that you can use to improve on your shooting skills. Most offer training options that can help you to be a better sharpshooter, use your weapon safely and prepare you for self-defense situations. In this article, you will find out more about the Long Beach shooting ranges. The …

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The Top Shooting Ranges in Arlington

Man holding a rifle

Today, gun shooting has become quite a popular sporting and leisure activity for many people. Furthermore, there are competitions and shooting events being held around the country. Gun ranges help to cater to the needs of gun enthusiasts by providing a safe haven where they can practice their sport. If you live around Arlington, there …

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Best Powder Measure [2023 Review]

Gun powder measure being used to weigh gunpowder scales

Using manual means to dispense powder can be a very hectic process. While the best powder measure can easily tone down the frustration, shopping for the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we prepared this guide to help you find a model that will easily click with your needs. Our Best Powder Measure Reviews …

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