Ammo Storage: 4 Tips You Need To Know

It doesn't matter if you're a new or veteran gun owner. Knowing how to store ammo is a very important skill to learn. In this quick blog post, we show you how to keep them in a secure and safe place.

Buy The Correct Ammunition

The best offense is a great defense. This saying is especially true for ammunition storage. Having the right ammo is essential in building a long-term arsenal. There are good and bad types of every ammunition in existence. You never know the history behind the ammo you're buying. There's a chance the low-quality ammo is a production reject.

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Also, don't buy ammunition that's over ten years old. At this stage, it's hard to tell if the ammo was stored correctly. Also, keep your ammo boxes intact. The box should not have any rips or seals. If you see this happening, replace your ammunition immediately. As a rule of thumb, don't store ammo that hasn't passed your inspection, these are all just the basic rules when it comes to gun owning.

Temperature Settings

Store your ammunition in plastic bags. Make sure the boxes have a rubber seal to prevent moisture from entering your ammo. Moisture reduces the effectiveness of all firearms and ammo. Thus, you need to proof your ammo storage to increase their lifespan and efficiency.

When it comes to temperature, keep your ammo in cold environments. If your rounds are exposed to heat, you run the risk of them exploding by accident. Make sure your ammo storage location is in a cool area that's not damp. It is a great idea to store them in a good handgun safe on the market.

You rounds must be dry and free from bacteria to be used effectively. The best way to store ammo is by keeping it in a dry, dark, and cool location not too close or too far away from a reloading press which you can find one in our top reloading press reviews.

Check For Corrosion

You need to be vigilant about your ammo storage. After thoroughly placing your ammunition at the right temperature and moisture conditions, don't expect it to stay clean forever. Create an ammunition check schedule at least a few times a month, to make sure there isn't any rust build-up taking place.

Corrosion On Ammo

Vacuum Sealed Bags

Another tip to protect your ammo from moisture is to use vacuum bags. While you can use a plastic bag to remove air, storing your ammo inside a vacuum bag leads to better results. Vacuum sealed bags are the best way to ensure that no moisture enters or exits the bag.

If you have thousands of ammunition rounds, this step is important for you. Have a pair of vacuum bags to ensure that your guns stay secure for an extended period. Investing in some protects your ammunition from bugs, moisture, and other chemicals that might reduce its quality.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, your ammo is just as important as your guns. Like your firearms, the ammo must be stored safely to prevent long term damage. Take these steps in consideration the next time you store your ammunition. We hope this information makes you a more informed and trained gun owner.

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